Sunday, August 1, 2010

Oh Yes!!

Judge Evie Sullivan...I wish she had judged my dogs. It wasn't me after all. Some do indeed not only follow the standard, but are happy in the ring and vigilant in their checking of angles and proportions. Thanks, Judge, for giving me faith in the "system."

Polly Putt Putt goes for another point. She has made such an amazing turnaround; Jason and Alta were just what she needed to bring her out of her shell. I'm sure Kim will give the details. Caleb was a good boy as well. while he didn't get in the points he was happy and did what he was asked to do. He definitely wants his "mom" to handle him and works well with her. Nice job, Shep. Liam tried his hardest to get himself onto the table in a single bound. Nice catch, Mark. I enjoyed snuggles with my favorite girl pup, Shea. Like her brother she so easily settles in to lap dog. Neither pup showed this weekend; Shea was just there to cheer on her sisters. It was nice.

No, it was great! I had a great time today and am truly grateful for the northwest Cardigan group that has taken me in. Not only am I learning a lot, but have friendships that strengthen with each meeting.

AND, the icing on the cake? Nugget is doing great. Barely a limp now. I am so glad that I didn't push it.



alta said...

Thanks for mention and Polly really has made some great strides. The judge today was much nicer too. It always makes it a better experience when the judge enjoys what they are doing and not just going through the motions like yesterday. I have to agree that the NW Cardigan group is a good bunch. They have welcomed us with open arms and are like a second family. A big thank u to everyone!

Alta, Jason and the fur crew

Shep said...

Aw, thanks. :) I'm really happy with him; we've come so far. I had focus both days, and my pact was not to touch him with my hands except when he was up on the table.

That was a really nice ring to watch today. Kinda nice to just sit back and get a chance to enjoy everyone's dogs. :D I'm sorry Nugget wasn't there this weekend though! :)

I liked the judge today too -- I was pleased that she took a few minutes to go over every single dog she judged, and was pleasant to all the exhibitors.

And congrats to all the folks with their nice dogs there today! Everyone looked great, it was a pretty line up today!