Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Back at the Kentucky Horse park

At the entry to the museum: "Thou shalt fly without wings"

There were amazing murals and quotes about horses. There were rooms for different breeds and there were displays for the history of our relationship with the horse. Again, the fantastic full size statues.

There were quite a few real live horses as well. I am thinking this is what kept our little red friend securely in the car. We certainly wouldn't want him mistaken for an apple now, would we?
Seeing these big thoroughbreds was a bit of a shock. I am used to my sweet little 42" fuzzy Windy.
The park is building a new stadium as they are hosting the World Equestrian Events in 2010.
It will be the largest event ever held in the United States. I can't even imagine how wonderful it would be to be able to watch the dressage...but not being one for traffic or for crowds, I just hope it will be televised.
After a couple of hours and some wandering around and shopping in the gift shop for the grandkids, we hit the road for our last stop before the airport. Best Western, it's been, well, ah, gee, uhmmmm, for the most part it has been OK. I sure hope that S2 can at least get enough air miles to go see her grand daughter. This time we obviously have internet as we are not ranting and raving. However...a bathroom fan would be nice.
See you Monday, Naomi. You may not be as famous as a tomato, but you also didn't have us perching you on windshields, signs, statues, and in various other humiliating areas. ;)
G2, 2G...the one with the identity crisis. (Soon to be back to being Mom, Granny, Gimp....sigh)

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