Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Best of Intentions...


A comprehensive rundown. Now that my credit card bill has updated (as well as my air miles account), I have a comprehensive list, in the correct order. Go ahead, laugh.

Hey G2, was it Gastonia and Paducah that had the three pillows on the bed, turned on an angle, that we liked so much? Or was it some other place? I think I've got it right...

An aside: The raspberry liqueur that I made in the summer of 2002...smooth! Oh so smooth! I hadn't had any for the longest time, and the last time all I could taste was the vodka that is the base. Apparently all it needed was to be forgotten for a few years. Very, very nice. All I require of an alcoholic drink is first, that it not taste like it has alcohol in it and second, that it taste really yummy (never could understand the allure of beer). It tastes like summer...Just the tiniest of sips every now and again, let it spread over the tongue. Summer.

I've decided not to do the motels after all, it's just that kinda night. And no, it's not the raspberry liqueur, I've only been tasting.

I wonder what would happen if I wrote the words 'Johnny Depp' in my blog? Will the actual number of hits threaten to explode my little hit meter? Will someone actually leave a comment? Will nothing happen at all? Don't you find it amusing that this paragraph comes after a run down of Best Westerns (in the East)(ah, good intentions) and the joy of liqueur? Maybe it does make sense, after all.

G2, you've got to put the link for those scary crochet photos in your next blog, pretty please?

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