Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm off

(Morgan is pretty happy with his artwork.) I went to an amputee support group meeting in Bremerton last night. I figured that I might be able to lend support. There was only one fairly new gimp there. The rest of us were from ten to fifty three years peg legged. While it was interesting and I may go back again for the heck of it, I found it trying at times. I did get a chance to see the AK computerized leg. Pretty darn cool!! The person wearing it was also missing the other leg BK. He said that the computerized leg was by far the best he had ever had...and he was the fifty three year veteran having lost his legs in a crushing accident at age 16.

It is 6am and I am about packed. The laundry is done. I drop Henry between 8 and 9 and then hit the road for an 8.5 hour drive through Washington, Oregon and into Idaho. CDs will take the place of my favorite grandma, S2. Hardly compares, but perhaps better to tap my foot to, eh?

A tomato will join me in her honor. The laptop will as well, but I am not so sure I will have a signal, and it IS only two and a half days.

Off to do chores and get things into the truck. I will post as possible.


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