Friday, October 31, 2008

In an effort to get S2 to post

I've decided to talk about an incident that occurred on the way to Idaho.

After dropping Henry off at doggy camp on the peninsula I decided to take the Bainbridge Island ferry to Seattle and get on I-90 from there. To go from Kingston I would go through Edmonds to I-5 South then eventually get on I-90. Bainbridge to Seattle seemed a perfect choice. It was around 9:30am or shortly thereafter, so even traffic should be at least tolerable. Unfortunately I did not get into the right lane immediately upon disembarking the vessel (snicker, you have to ride the ferries a few times to understand the wording significance) so was stuck in a lane that forced me to go straight...since NO one would let me in. GRRRRR

Anyone who has driven downtown Seattle knows that there are an abundance of rather large hills leading from the waterfront to the next available on ramp. There are also stop lights at every hill, and even the first car in line is forced to sit with it's tail at a steep downward angle. Driving a manual transmission car on aforementioned hills is pure torture mentally and physically as one tries to do the clutch brake and gas all with only two ought to see me, with ONE foot.

Anyway...I have successfully negotiated three of these hill/light combinations and am only a block, and one light from the on ramp. The light turns green and I head up the hill by the courthouse. Traffic comes to a screeching halt. The Cadillac immediately in front of me stops to pick up a passenger; in the middle of the street, about 15 feet in front of the intersection; on the hill. I stop quickly and a young woman courier on a tiny scooter pulls behind me along with two other cars that are hoping to get through the light. The scooter is literally ON my bumper. I can't see the scooter in my mirror, just the top half of the woman. There are four cars and a scooter crammed into 15 feet of road. The passenger of aforementioned Caddy drops her water bottle as she prepares to get into the car; yep, on the hill. It rolls down the street. SHE CHASES IT!! The driver sits waiting. Door open. Not moving an inch. Her friend is running to catch her bottle. All I can do is pray that my truck will not decapitate the courier. It is automatic, but on a steep hill it still goes backwards a bit before engaging. This silly courier person is practically lodged between me and the car behind her, because, of course, no one wanted to sit at the last intersection any longer than they had to and the light was green when we all went through.

Needless to say, I was sitting on both the gas and the brake, and the courier left with her body parts least that time. Who is to know how long her luck will last. I hope she gets good insurance from the company that hired her. I used to worry about the bike couriers. This tiny scooter is even more dangerous, in my opinion.

I made is safely to Idaho and back. I learned to get on the Bainbridge ferry in the right lane; just as I learned to get on the Edmond's ferry in the left lane. A tiny bit of southern courtesy would be nice, Seattle...

Thinking happy thoughts in beautiful, albeit rainy, Kingston

(and Henry no tail, and Katelan with tail)

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