Thursday, October 2, 2008

Home? if it is where the heart is, then I know not

where home is tonight.

What a strange feeling, to be back home. It is a bit of a let down. Part of that was realizing that it is over...for now. The other is that Henry, the dog, not Ray, the man, is not home yet. I will pick him up in the morning.

The Chicago airport was as bad as Dallas, even though we had 4 hours between flights. We got smart and checked a bag this time. It still was a major issue dragging around the carry on that we kept. I cannot imagine how we did the trip over. We carried everything on. This time we checked the biggest bags and we mailed three packages home. Yet we still we dying trying to get around the airport. Part of it may have been the let down, and part of it may be that we are just so gosh dern tyred. I think a huge part was that the people around us quickly went from sweet and friendly and "let me give y'all a hand" to grouchy and "just get out of my way." Total culture shock! I find that S2 definitely picked up a tad bit of the southern accent, so I likely did as well. If only dear Lee could speak with the sweet Southern, charming voice...I would take it over even his Aussie accent. "Turn left on 2nd avenue dar'ln" would be nice to hear as I wind down.

Huge hugs and thanks to all that helped make this trip what it was. Linda, Steve, Merlin, are what has made IA a favored place in the past. It was nice to meet up face to face. Caleb and Lucas: hang in there. I will get some cheese sent out when I get to the store in the next couple of days. Stay strong, Caleb. My prayers are with you and your school mates. It was great to see you; give Mom a big hug for me. Little Ray: what can I say? Keep on keeping on, my friend. Ben, Ashley: I can't believe how you have both grown! It was good to see you. Keep Dad out of trouble. Tammy: You are the light that kept the family going. You've done it girl! It will be easier and better each day. Neighbor Pat, Scott and Sue: I have the best neighbors in the world. Thanks for all the help. It was nice to know that the house and critters were doing fine without me.

Of course my twin(?) S2. Dreams really can become reality. This trip proved it. It was far and above anything I could have dreamt. No roller coasters, but they can wait for the next round. Through all the ups and downs of our lives you have been there. I hope I have done as much for you. It was nice to know that we can not only survive 11 days in tight quarters, but laugh each night until we cry. If laughter really is healing, then we both should be able to run a marathon! Peace and good health always. Ramona: thanks for sharing your Mom for a few days. Thursday has come, my dear. I love you...and Pete: thanks for following and playing along. Come on, admit it: it was funny, albeit a bit quirky, I'll admit. Are you REALLY related to S2? ;-)

Our lovely little red friend(s): first I must apologize to the rental car folks., I hope that you find the tomato before it turns to moosh. I guess it was inevitable that we could cart it around to so many places and take so many pictures, that we would forget to remove it when we turned the car in. (I really and truly forgot; it was safely tucked in under the emergency brake and was not very visible. He very well may be vying for star of someone else's travel blog; unfortunately he was due to be replaced as he was getting a bit too soft and ripe. (oooops)

To our dear readers: 419 hits and a half a dozen comments....the show will go on. Where the twists and turns will take us, and you, are yet to be determined. Unfortunately we are no longer in close quarters, and will be less sleep deprived, so there may be a bit less of the humour you have all had to put up with. I found that we really played off each other. Believe me, it was even funnier to be on the writing end of it all. I have never in my life laughed as hard. Gee that reminds me, I have to get a load of laundry going.

For now, I must say ta ta. Y'all have a fine eve'n. 'Til the next visit, keep on smilin', you heah?

I beat you to it, S2. Tag. You are it.

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