Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My thoughts are going south

I still am having issues with the change of "temperament" between home and vacation. S2 has decided that we can integrate the southern attitude and thinking a bit in our every day dealings. By jove, I think she is on to something! Just as I enjoyed being greeted with a smile and a few kind words, I am finding that even the grumpiest people are quickly given an attitude adjustment with a cheery "howdy." However, I have found that it is difficult not to add a bit of the southern way of talkin' along with it, but what the heck, if it makes someone smile and be decent back, that's all that really matters, right? It is strange how the world stood still for a bit while I was gone. At times I feel like I was gone for months. I really am struggling getting myself into a routine. Thank goodness for the critters; I would likely live in my jammies if it weren't for chores.

Song for the day: "Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude" sung by Jimmy Buffet

We have a great Jimmy Buffet history, but even without it, this just fits perfectly, wouldn't you agree, S2?

Time to lighten this up, again. Why would anyone crochet a cozy for a motorcycle? I really haven't a clue, but then why would anyone put a tomato in their ear?

Another bit of comic relief is gained by watching my two mini beasts. I am really not sure if the horse thinks she's a dog, or the dog thinks he is a horse. What I do know is that these two have become fast friends. When I got Henry back from "camp" (boarding farm), he jumped out of the truck and beelined it to the field to see Windy. She immediately began to nicker to him and groom him all over with her upper lip. He then promptly stole her carrot and high tailed it under the fence.

Tomorrow the new leg goes to the artist for airbrushing. The fix the prosthetist did yesterday took care of the problem. It will take about a week for the paint to dry and cure. Once I have it back I will begin training for the 3 Day walk, and I will be carrying my travel compadre in my heart every mile. We need to find a cure for this awful disease; it is within reach.

OK, I give up. The next time I blog I will need to do it when I am with S2; perhaps a bit sleep deprived...


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