Monday, March 29, 2010

Attitude adjustment

This weekend was a full one. Daughter and grand daughters came for a visit at the peak of my crazy pre-show mode. An overnight visit. I tried to convince her to pick another time, as the insanity of making the 8am ring call (Yeah, right, my breed requires no grooming before hand) and my resultant insomnia the night before were not real conducive to people who really need sleep (as in infants, small children, and grumpy less than morning people...perhaps the entire population of "normal" folks). But come they did, and I was glad of it. The little Plumster is such a joy. Big huge smiles when they were needed most. Her big sister has always been a huge help and loves to do chores. Easy as can be, and loves the dogs. She spent my crazy times at the table engaged in crafts and art work. I have a beautiful picture of Kate gracing my fridge. I wasn't aware that my dog could actually walk on water, but I guess the grand daughter knew that as is evidenced above. (Note the big brindled ears, Kim. No coaching, honest.)
So, besides the dog bath, that was hastened by my six year old groomer's apprentice, I played on Friday. Saturday morning I rose at 4:30 and began the groom routine. Daughter helped and we got Kate looking pretty darn good. She was a happy girl until she got in the ring, then looked bored and miserable. (Kate, not the daughter.) Nice, but bored and miserable. That afternoon I worked out a strategy to change the attitude. (Kate's, not mine. Perhaps both would have been better, however.) She entered the ring the next time with pep in her step and a smile on her face. I entered with squeaker in pocket and the word "puppies" on my tongue. All the way around she was saying "puppies, there were puppies out there, Mom. Didya see those puppies? Huh, did you?" She made me smile. I know, that is the most important. blah, blah, blah...I received wonderful coaching and support from all this week. We have the best breed people ever. The absolute happiest moment of this weekend? Of course Kate would agree partly to this...the puppies! One handsome six month old boy got his first point with his young handler. I am not sure she understood the significance, but I wanted to cry happy tears for her. It will be fun to watch that pup grow.
So now I push forward. I really do want to keep going. Future plans hinge on finishing Kate. Thanks to all for the support. Thanks also for the grooming help.
I'm still in shock at what a small world this is. They are Shep's horses that George comes to trim when he trims Windy. Cue the song with the cutesy dolls dancing "it's a small, small world..."


Shep said...

You guys looked fanastic out there. :) I thought she showed so, so well on Sunday -- she was happy and moving out and so were you! Well, you weren't wagging, but you seemed happy! XD

... besides, you've been a huge source of encouragement to me, I admit it, I am terrified to handle since I lost my eyesight in the eye; I really think I'm going to hit someone or whack into the ring or the fence or trip on Caleb, and you make it look easy and fun. :D I've been scared to death to screw up, but I figure, well... there's only so much you can fall down and miss the table with your dog!

... I really need to find a good handling class. :)

Also, I LOVE the artwork! What great ears! Of course she walks on water, she's a Cardigan! ;)

Hahah, yeah, that was a kick realizing we had the same farrier. I suppose I shouldn't say kick, my gelding's finally decided that's not appropriate. Best not to give him ideas.

2Grandmas2 said...
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2Grandmas2 said...

reposting with corrections to spelling....
Us gimps need to stick together; that way we can bail each other out. You did great, and I always enjoy seeing the owners handle their own. Classes would be boring if they were all filled with pros, don't you think? We would be forced to just watch the dogs...oh yea. That's what we are supposed to do! ;o) Luckily we have a forgiving breed, and a smart one. Kate is pretty aware of where I am and steers clear of the left foot. I worried a lot since that is the side they are on. I have never stepped on her in the ring, and only once outside. Caleb will subtly (well, maybe not so subtle with Caleb) correct of help if things are going a bit askew. Talk to Mark about Dash and his under/around the table run sometime...
Thanks for the support.

Kim said...

Wow... the three of us out there might have made one person as I can't hear crap any more.

I still think you guys in rally would be fantastic. And everyone is graded on the same curve it's one judges subjective (not objective) view.

Shea says Auntie Nancy come save me, they've taped my ears!

2Grandmas2 said...

poor little buttster...I'll save you after your ears are safely up, dear pup. I haven't ever had to tape ears and those big-uns must be done right.
From flip books on dogs to flip books on handlers. Pity the poor fool who gets the rejects; but I do have a nice Koi to sweeten the pot.

Kim said...

Next one needs to be a skull with flaming eyeballs!