Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gusts, trees, and living across the water

Yesterday my first born had his 32nd birthday. How is that possible? I remember it like it was yesterday...yet at times can't remember yesterdays. sigh. After attending the bike show, with birthday list in hand, I picked up something for him and when he called to say he had a break in the middle of the day I hopped the ferry to see him. It was toward 11am. We sat at the little coffee shop by the ferry dock and talked about our dreams and our passions. Really like what we have done for 32 years. His phone rings and the person on the other end informs him that the power has gone out at the office so the computers are all down. As he is talking I begin to notice the wind whipping up outside at the coffee shop. Signs straining against their tethers. Tree branches breaking and chasing cars down the street. Then the power goes out. I look out to Puget Sound and see massive white caps. Uh uh. No thanks. We went into the terminal to see if the boats are still running as the call comes in that the Hood Canal bridge is closing due to high winds. My cell phone rings. My neighbor needs to borrow the chain saw as there is a massive tree down on the road and she can't get to work at the Navy base. And yes. Our power is out as well. After purchasing my ticket I opt to go to the office with son and get the computers taken care of. The power is back on and the server needs to be re-booted. An hour or so later the storm has passed and I board the ferry for home. But I have no keys to my truck. And I have no key stashed on the truck. And I don't know for sure that I can even get home. Nice neighbor comes for me, takes me to pick up the spare key, and delivers me back to the truck. We stop at the toll booth and they call the other side where I did indeed leave my keys when buying my pass and discussing the white caps. In a bit I will be walking on to the ferry so that I can go pick up my keys. sigh.

There are trees down everywhere. The cabin has a small one resting on it's carport. It looks like there is no damage, but only removal will tell for sure. The house at the end of the road didn't fare as well. The tree that went down on the road was massive. It now lays in the creek that runs under the road. Impossible to harvest save for the eight foot section that was directly on the road. My property is covered in layers and layers of branches. The fence line is fine. The house and out buildings are all fine. The critters are none the worse for wear.

My day started before dawn. My assignment: enter the Danskin Triathlon. I sat awaiting the opening of the entries. I had been warned that it would close fast and I needed to be on the ball as it would be difficult to get registered. Done. Piece of cake. In fact, I entered twice. ARGHH! I never got the verification email, and when I checked the roster my name wasn't there (about an hour, or so, later) so I thought I must have missed the final "button." Back through all the steps and final screen says I was successful...but then so did the final screen the first time around. So I checked to verify. I am listed twice. I fire off emails to everyone and anyone that might have to do with registration. You see, I don't want to be any more than just one person. I have trouble reining myself in as just one person. Later that afternoon I got an email saying it would be taken care of and I am not the only one who made that mistake. I hope my double entry did not displace someone who wanted to enter...

So it is official. I am entered in a triathlon. I will finish the triathlon if I have to hop across the line. (You know this to be true, don't you?!) Am I insane? Yes indeed, I am. Ask my kids. Insane, and proud of it.

I must go now and get the next ferry over to get my keys. I have raked the pasture of the fallen limbs and contacted the realtor about the cabin. There is an open house this weekend and he probably wants to get that tree off of it before prospective buyers come see it. The dreams of living in the woods often don't include the reality. I think they really want to sell that cabin...and now there is one less tree that can fall on it!

My life makes me smile...for the most part.


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