Friday, March 12, 2010

Life in the fast lane

Have you ever noticed how weird things look when a virus settles into your sinuses and lungs? Have you ever noticed how weird YOU look when a virus settles into your sinuses and lungs?

Because I am the only humanoid that resides at this address, my moans and whines are giving a slightly different message than your's may give. Mine apparently say "woo hoo, I am ready to get up and play!" I learned three nights ago that groaning as I turn over for the umpteenth time, in the middle of the night, being unable to breath, having my brain oozing out through my ears, was NOT a good thing. Suddenly the short leggeds were ready to go. "But it is three a.m." I whined. The awesome pawsome then knew for sure that my two days of more than usual bed rest was suddenly over. It was time to go out, then time to eat, then time to go to the field...all in the next ten seconds. I yelled, I threw things. They quieted back down. My head was now splitting wide open from having yelled. Then I began to cough. At three in the morning. Not a good thing. I've had three kids...get where I am going with this? I can't possibly stifle the cough, and I can no longer pretend I am not getting up. I must get up, and I needed to do it sooner than immediately. Not only that, but there will be no hopping. I must take the time to properly put on the dreaded left lower appendage. The day began. Everything looked strange. Like it was running in slow motion and slightly skewed. The colors were even weird. (No, I took no meds. It was the pressure from inside my head.) Very strange. I wanted so badly for this to be over and done with. Because, you see, there was no one else to do anything besides me. For the most part I love living alone. There have been only about three times since I moved here, eight years ago, that I have wished there was another person on the premises. There have likely been many more times that the doggies wished it was so. To them I say "too bad, so sad."

Of course this past week my calendar was full. Something every single day. Reading the calendar, however, was next to impossible. I was incredibly thankful for those reminder calls; and for caller ID. As the reminder call came in I canceled the appointment. Slicker than...oh never mind. Forced to survive minute by minute I somehow managed to get some things done. The critters were cared for. The garbage made it to the street. The house is a mess, but I will deal with that today. No more whining. The dogs are asleep at my foot. The one in the bedroom. They are tired and didn't want to get up.

I have been here for eight years on Monday. That means that I have been officially on my own for a couple of months longer than eight years. Except for the couple of aforementioned times, it has been great. Strengthening in all ways. One of those times when it seems an eternity, but like it was only yesterday. I really should thank the former husband, but will wait until I get a chance at the SS. Then I will thank him for both. Really, I will.

So NEXT week, the training resumes; if the leg holds up. sigh. I have been walking on uhhhhh, thin ice? Because of the running the suspension sleeve is wearing out faster. The company that makes the liner is now insisting that the guy who built the leg redo the leg. They will no longer accept responsibility. I canceled the appointment to get that going. I was sick, and I realized that since we have been fighting with this for around two years he can build a new leg, but it will be covered by my insurance. NOT. I want the new company to build the sports leg, to be covered by insurance. So I got myself in a pickle. The appointment with the new company just got changed from Monday to Thursday as a guy from the mainland who has built three triathlon legs is coming in to consult and help get things going, and he can come on Thursday. I think I cannot go quietly into the sunset now and must essentially "fire" the old company, but really need a new sleeve to be able to hold out until the new leg is usable. In reality he should be building me a replacement leg for free since this one was never quite right, but I did sign off on it and we played this game for two years thinking it was the liner that was defective. Oh the messes I get myself into. If I could just sit in the darn rocking chair and knit all day I would not have these issues...

Song of the day? Nothing else would do, but

"It's Not Easy Being Green" Kermit the Frog


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