Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A busy week ahead

Where's Waldina? I love this picture that was taken at the Port Gamble lighthouse; one of our favorite places to play. (Click on the picture, but swallow any foodstuff first; totally unintentional and I didn't notice it myself until I downloaded the pics and looked at them.)

Bremerton shows this weekend. I will begin the rituals tomorrow.

The leg building goes on, thank goodness. The sore spot over my fibula is beginning to really be a buggar. I am hoping that I can get through two ring times with the leg staying attached. I really need to call the former shop today and see if the new liner can be picked up without them starting a new leg. I so hate conflict and am afraid that this time it will be unavoidable. Yet I keep trying. Next week I should be testing the new design and the tweaking will begin. I am excited beyond words as I have been unable to even walk any distance in this one due to the sore and to the fact that the liner is tearing more by the minute.

New goal? Hopping through airport security with leg on Xray belt. I saw where it had been done, so now I will be doing the same next flight. When pushed for details I was told that he didn't ask; just took it off, plopped it on the belt and hopped through. Cool!! No wait for the woman security guard. No frisking. Much easier to take off the leg than to remove shoes. Security gets nervous if asked as they don't want the risk of falling. So the solution is to not ask. Why had I not thought of that myself? The new suspension will not leave a bolt dangling from the stump. There will be no metal on my body. Now I will have to hope that there will be no small dribbles to slip in. It should be fun. Oh these little things that give me a big thrill. You complete bodied folks have no idea the games we enjoy.

So a beautiful day is dawning. The pool remains green until I do a check for polliwogs. (A request from three adorable kids who would really love to try and grow a frog.) The courting outside my bedroom window continues each night. I hope that I can present the kids with a cool science project. If no baby frogs then perhaps an anatomy lesson? I must get these loud frogs out of my pool area. Last night I was praying to the Heron God to send a poor hungry bird to come feast. Wouldn't THAT set the dogs off big time?!!

Off I go. Toenails to grind (no, not mine) and a house to clean. I cannot find the spare room and it is needed in a couple of days.



Kim said...

You know we can always take Kate in if needed...

More than enough of us to go around!

Colette Kingsley said...

I remember my dad always setting off the airport security alarm with his pacemaker! Sounds like you have a great idea to bypass that hassle. Just throw the leg on the belt as if you know what your doing and hopefully they will ignore you!

It seems to me that the frogs have been extra loud this year. (in California, Utah and Washington : )

2Grandmas2 said...

Thanks, Kim. If I give the secret sign just create a distraction so that I can gather my limb and hop out of the ring unnoticed.
(Seriously do appreciate the offer)