Monday, March 8, 2010

what an end

to the week it was.

Friday. I had a dinner engagement and, knowing I was going to miss my grand daughter's birthday bash the next day, loaded up the long tailed dog and headed out early to see her before heading south for dinner. Of course the kids were all adorable, especially since the weather was perfect and the cousins all got to spend some quality walking time with Kate, who adores kids and walked a mile or two around in circles in the cul-de-sac. It was quite cute. Miss Lil loved her hamster...the robotic kind. For a short time she was the star, and that is always good when you are the second born. I left in smiles, and in what I thought to be plenty of time to make the trip south.

Not!! I-405 South on a Friday afternoon. Not a great combination, especially since I left the Bothell area at 4pm. The commute person on the radio said that I-5 was in total gridlock, so I opted for 405 which was "only" gridlock through the Bellevue area. It took me 45 minutes to get from Hwy 520 to I-90 which is maybe 5 or so miles. Once I got past Renton and onto 167 it was a piece of cake, but my nerves were a bit frazzled by the woman riding my bumper through Bellevue. She laid skid marks two or three times by not paying attention. The motorcyclist in me firmly believes in having my personal, and safety, buffer. She was way into my space.

Once at my destination Kate got a chance to play with a bunch of tailed short dogs, including her favored ghost dog. She declared the house her's, yeah, literally. (Sorry about that, my friends. sigh.) an amazing dinner. Sensational evening.

The next day was my running class. Two hours of running. For me it started more as a fast walk. I was scared. Really petrified. By the end of the session I had successfully negotiated the track at a jog. It was huge. My muscles were cramping big time in both my little calf and my long side thigh. I was a bucket case on the way home. Over thirty years, numerous surgeries on both legs, and I was running again. I never thought it possible. I'm still sore, and still amazed. In ten minutes I am out of here for an appointment for a sports leg, or at least a consult for options and prices. After I will be stopping at the track for another try at running. I am hooked. and it feels amazing.

Sunday came the news that my sister's Livestock Guardian Dog Maddie had finally crossed to the Rainbow Bridge. She was an amazing girl with the best smile. I will really miss that smile. She had a long and good life. She has passed the torch officially to Titus the Great Pyrenees. They have suffered a lot of losses down on the farm. I remember all too well having dogs close in age and losing them all close in time. It was devastating. This is why I will wait until my two are five before going for a pup. It just hurts way too much.

So a new week begins and it looks to be a good one. My nephew called and told me about a bike show coming up this weekend. What better way to find out what will work for a crazy middle aged one legged woman than to get to talk with the manufacturer reps? It is also the Seattle Kennel Club show, which I will attend on Saturday. We aren't entered, but will cheer on our favorites.

Time is up and I must hit the road.

Life is awesome!



Colette Kingsley said...

Way to go Nancy! (should I be part of your cheering team?)

gnome517 said...

perpetual cycle in kingston is pretty awesome about saving $$ and building bikes, i have heard....???