Sunday, March 21, 2010

On the road

The bulk of my Saturday was spent on the road. About eight hours. However, I would make the trip again today just for those few hours in between drives.

Kate and I went visiting. I wanted the two people that I admire most in the Cardigan world to give me an honest opinion about my girl. At the same time I was going to get a puppy fix that was beyond extraordinary. We pull up to a house that is straight from "House Beautiful." Koi Ponds and streams dot the landscape. Gardens in full spring bloom. And Cardigan corgis. Extremely fine Cardigan Welsh Corgis of varying ages. All are not only delighted to meet and climb on me, but also quite happy to welcome Miss Kate to the pack. What other breed would allow a stranger into their territory? Or perhaps it is this particular breeder's lines? I want one of her pups. No, I NEED one of their pups!! (Not to worry, is not in the budget.) I also was blessed to meet the patriarch of the line. At 14.5 and in distress I feel extremely honored to have been able to give him a piece of my heart. Knowing that he will soon be helped to the Rainbow Bridge was quite sad, but drove home our responsibilities as dog owners/lovers.

It was a joy to watch Kate. She still experiences some anxiety when I leave, but I think it is getting better and I think I need to push her a bit harder. As far as her show career, it will go on until she is finished, and she IS finishable. Her downfall is her topline, which I knew. She was as happy to greet everyone there...not just me. I'm not sure the others realized how huge that was to me. Not only that, but she was not the least bit jealous of me snuggling with the other dogs that were present. And of course, the doting on the pups thing is always a pleasure to watch. I do love my Katelan.

So I went to bed smiling and had sweet puppy dreams. There are always hours that can be spent around here working and maintaining the place. A few spent on the road for a day of Cardi-bliss? priceless



Colette Kingsley said...

Where did these beautiful Corgi's reside? Eight hours could get you into Idaho, lower Oregon or Nevada.
(Or higher Canada : )

2Grandmas2 said...

It was four hours each way ;-)