Tuesday, October 5, 2010

3 days, 3 dogs

90 degrees and a small camper.

All packed and headed out, and I wondered what I had forgotten...
there is always something...

The dogs were wonderful. I could not have been happier with them. Henry and Kate were along to support their little brother, and because I didn't want to deal with boarding them. I was glad I had them all. Each plays a specific role in my life and helps keep me balanced. Yep, I was going to say "sane" but I think the jury is still out on that one.

The setting was gorgeous. Across the small road from the truck was the Columbia river. Woody Guthrie was in my head the entire weekend. The Blue Bridge not only bore the flag that we saluted each morning, but also the lights.

Roll on, Columbia, roll on, roll on, Columbia, roll on
Your power is turning our darkness to dawn
So roll on, Columbia, roll on.

As a kid we did a lot of car camping each summer. We visited the many important places around the state. All of the parks saw our boat of a station wagon, and I remember visiting many dams as well. The Grand Coulee gave Dad a chance to talk state history; which seemed a passion of his. His words echoed in my head each night as I went to bed with that river at my head.

On day two I realized what I had forgotten. Shoes. Matching ones anyway. Yep. Four hours of driving away were the two matching shoes that made a real set. sigh. If they could make sensors in prosthetic feet perhaps I would have noticed. But they don't and I sure as heck was not going to make an eight hour drive for a shoe. All was fine. No one was checking out my shoes anyway. Because, you see, we had the absolute best, most stunning, best groomed, most perfect, winningest, doggies in our camp. Bar none. And many were pups. Not cutesy little puppy breath pups, but stunning little show dogs. And the best of the best. I held my head high as I walked my guy around and the voices became hushed. I hadn't a clue.

First of all we had a warm water dog wash that Jason and Alta bring with them. Warmed by a propane tank, it was awesome! Quite a number of folks would stop by in the early hours hoping to get in a quick wash before we got up. It was not to be, as my dogs are up by five. On day two one person did actually approach me inquire as to the ownership. After a day in the 90 degree heat she wanted to use it for her hair. I had already planned the same thing; there were no showers in the bathrooms. (I owe you propane $$, Jason.) At 6am I figured it was not good to wake anyone so we both did a quick wash and felt renewed. I think my dogs were hoping that MY use of the sprayer meant they were safe from it. They quietly watched from their pens after being sworn to secrecy.

Then there is the fact that people had set up encampments according to breeding lines. We could sit and stare at the river. They could sit and stare at us. (Perhaps it was my shoes that were so fun to look at?) I am not a mingler. I hated junior high dances. I felt fourteen again. I just got busy. Nuggie buggie got some last minute work and training. He is easy for me to lose myself in.

The classes came and the classes went. I just got more and more confused. I was beginning to think I understood what judges were looking at or for in this crazy breed of dogs. (NOT!) So I concentrated on my dog. After all, he is perfect, you know!

So, I came home a wee bit wiser. We came home tired. I came home appreciating the people I have met along the way. We came home with a few dollars and more toys. Best of all, I came home knowing that I am on the right path.

Well, in truth, best of all were all the pictures that were taken of my little pup dog.

Thanks to good friends Machelle, Jesse and family for the visit and support. I miss my motorcycle buddies and being so close to them, yet hooked to the camper meant they had to come to me, and they did. Machelle also came armed with her camera.

Mark and Kim also carry their camera and are pros at stacking and directing for the perfect shot.

possible website photos

The opening photo will be copied onto to canvas for my wall. I love Nugget's eye. He really performed this weekend, and he did it because he wanted to please me. What more could anyone want??

This one grabs me as well...

Thanks, friends. You are all why I do this.



Anonymous said...

No propane money due I promise. And I agree the show portion of the weekend was kinda a bust- not sure what the judges were looking for or thinking. But the personal portion of the weekend was a win. Hope you have just as great of a time in Idaho.

Kim said...

I love the last photo... He is so beautiful!

Kira said...

What a handsome boy! The white on his chest makes him look HUGE! Can't believe what a stunning dog he is becoming, still a goof ball, but very handsome!