Friday, October 8, 2010

DM conference

internet photo of "Maggie"

on Sunday, then I pack and leave for Boise on Wednesday.

I look forward to learning a bit more about the dreaded disease that strikes down so many dogs and puts them in wheelchairs. My dogs have been tested. Kate is a carrier and Nugget is clear. A very simple cheek swab is all it takes. The researcher at the forefront of the studies is coming to Bellevue and it should be interesting to hear where the research is heading and how we can help stomp this disease without bringing in something else equally as dire. As people we tend to jump on a cause and forgot all the peripheral stuff. As people who want to save the integrity of a breed of dogs we must concentrate on the total picture. This is but one small piece. Thanks go out to the Cascade Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club for arranging this conference and making it affordable.

Mark Thorson photo

Next week the Nugg-man and I get a bit of one on one time. The two of us will drive eight hours to Boise, Idaho for four days of shows arranged by his Grandma and Aunty Kims. I hate to say it, but we have never had extensive one on one time. Just training time here and there. Gma Kim promises help on some training for both of us. Mostly I look forward to bringing the fun back into this sport. We have decent ring times that will allow for morning grooms. The numbers are good, and the company great. Will Polly Putt-Putt increase her point values? Will Nuggie get his first? Stay tuned...there is WiFi at the fairgrounds so the laptop will be going along for updates.


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