Monday, October 18, 2010

Adventures in clusters

Boise. What can I say. Long drive. Good friends. Long hours. Crazy times with no idea what day of the week it is. Throw in some grumpy folk, some sheep herding, puppy sitting, crazy eating(or lack of), constant dog grooming and eating of chalk, hair product, and hair. This was my past four days. of course add to that mix a lot of stories, a lot of laughter, some tears, puppy loves, incredible lessons in not only handling, but in life. Best of all was the friendship. I would have added a few more to the mix to make it "perfect" but nothing is ever "perfect" as then we wouldn't have anything to look forward to.

Oh yeah. Scars. Saturday night a blister erupted and popped behind my knee. It is still bugging the heck out of me and I must find a way to remedy this. Apparently we just don't build callouses back there. Ouch. Then there were the mental ones, but I think I will leave those alone.

After all is said and done there is only one question that remains...

Who the heck would want to do a bowel prep right before leaving for a several hour drive home??

Made you smile, didn't I? (No it certainly was NOT me!!)



Jason H. said...

I had a great time relaxing with Kim and yourself, I cannot thank you enough for the doggy sitting while we were out at herding. Also you forgot to mention that you Showed Miss Karis to a Reserve winners Bitch to Miss Polly, this again I really appreciate you taking Karis for this ride she really seemed to enjoy showing for you. Thanks again for being you..

2Grandmas2 said...

Had you not clued me in on the little pistol it never would have happened. She showed herself. You said to let her have her head and I did. Of course a little puppy sitting bonding time likely helped as well. If is kind of fun to take someone else's dog in the ring. Thanks for trusting me do that.

Léo said...

Sounds like Ms. Nancy had a pretty good time in spite of it all. (blister: ow!!)
Good job with Karma and Kismet's sis!