Thursday, October 21, 2010

Computer ills

I haven't used my laptop since the trip to Kentucky two years ago. I know the first time I get on the internet it will take forever to scan and get cleared protection-wise. I also am thinking of buying the "tether" program for my cell so that I have free internet on the lap top whenever it is near my phone. So yesterday I set it on the desk and begin the process of checking out the Tether on a free trial. No go. I don't have the Blackberry program on the laptop. I have no disk, and must load it off the internet as I did the PC. I can't get on the internet as my wireless is funky. I can't hardwire the laptop via the cable, for some reason beyond my measely computer mind. So I sat and grumbled. I tried everything I could try and just couldn't get the connection.

Guess where I am going in a few minutes? Yep. Starbucks. I will take some time on their free internet to download the Blackberry program, and let it run its ad and virus checks. Hopefully following all that I will be able to check out the program that should allow me to access the internet anywhere I have phone service. It still won't cover me at the Mutha's house on the coast, but it might be rude to sit on the internet when visiting her and eating her fantastic fresh bread.

So I am off. I will check back in a few to share my sweet success.


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