Monday, February 8, 2010

I'm a mean

cleaning machine. One of the things that Mom taught me, or perhaps it just rubbed off on me, is to never leave on a trip without first cleaning the house. I did it once and I must say it was really miserable to come home with dirty clothes and suitcases to unpack, turn the key, and walk in to a messy house. It really made me want to turn around and go away again. So, with the Oregon trip looming I am cleaning house and truck today. Sadly it is really outside sky, chilly, sunshine; I would prefer to be hanging out there, but must keep my schedule. I do take breaks for an occasional run with the dogs and a mile walk. I also did the WallyWorld run for "stuff" that I need to take along. I tried parking at the very back of the parking lot, but the stalls are so small and I worry about someone dinging up my truck. So it is one of the places that I still use a "blue" spot. Since they have a gazillion and one I don't feel guilty, but it is a bit weird to be training for triathlons and 60 mile walks and using a handicapped spot. What do folks with new cars do when they don't have that option? I guess there are just a lot of door dings, eh?

I got a phone call a few days ago. My tattoo guy wants me to join him at one of the local TV studios for another story/interview. He has had a wild and crazy ride lately; flying here and there pushing his product to the VA and at conventions. I am 150% in support of what he does, so the small inconvenience of these interviews is not a big deal. This one, however, may be a bit different. They want to do an on air tattoo. He will be having his artist put the breast cancer ribbon on the opposite side of the socket from my Koi fish. I had decided that I would have it done after I did the 3-day walk, but we had to bail last year due to my surgery. I guess it will be the added incentive to complete it this year...I will leave the date off until completion. So I guess that means I need to start fund raising. I hate fund raising. I detest fund raising. I want the funds to magically appear. Yes, I know, it ain't going to happen, but one can want it, right?

So I am off to throw the clean clothes into the dryer and clean the kitchen. Then the bathrooms. All is well in my little neck of the woods.


Oh, and another little picture for the continuing saga that is "Things I put on my sister."

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Grandma L said...

How cute. It makes me wish I had a baby so I could take cute pictures. I doubt if an adoption agency would think it would be a good enought reason.