Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The rain; it is back

and I couldn't be happier! Why? Because my roof is a mess with moss and I had gotten some of that powder moss killer stuff at Costco. It says that it needs to go on "during the rainy season." Yesterday I washed my truck, knowing full well that it would bring the rain. Of course, I also heard the weather report, but those guys are not always right; washing my truck ALWAYS works. So today, after returning from an appointment in the city, I climbed the ladder to the roof armed with two jugs of moss kill powder. (Yes, dear kids, I had the cell phone with me should I take a sudden dive.) The weather was perfect. No wind. It also says that I should not sprinkle the stuff on in the wind as it could be toxic to humans and critters with lungs. I can, if I live in a high wind area, dilute it and spray it on the roof. It is all I can do to get myself and two jugs of powder onto the roof. I can see myself trying to get a sprayer up there, and down, and back up, and then down again as, it is not a very big tank. So I am walking the roof, straddling the peak, and sprinkling this white powder stuff in two long lines on either side. I have visions of gigantic dollar bills rolled into tubes the size of pool noodles. Whoa man, that's some good (uhmmmm) "stuff." I chuckled as I thought back to my music recording days and the office parties. Ricky and his constant sniffles. So as I reminisce and spread the pretty powder, the dogs suddenly see me up there. They are in the pen out front. Henry's bark becomes quite shrill and Kate just stares in amusement. I have this fear that I will catch her climbing the ladder to the roof to check out the view. I made a mental note to make sure to take the ladder down. She's a sly one, that girl. She loves to pretend she is "slow" and then slyly does something naughty. I suspect if she got on the roof she would next try to be Santa and slip down the chimney; all the while encouraging her brother to follow along..."in fact, why don't you go first dear Henry?" As I empty the second jug I feel the first drops of rain. Perfect timing!!

Tomorrow I will be ready for the rain to go back away. But for today, I am quite pleased with it.



Kira said...

Glad you didn't slide off the roof!!

2Grandmas2 said...

and that, my dear, is why I needed to have perfect timing. I didn't want to be on a wet slippery roof, but needed rain as soon as the powder was placed. Voila!