Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Yep, that about sums it all up. I got a call from my daughter. Her husband is going to be doing the Chilly Hilly bike ride in the area. So much has happened in the last couple of years with his life, and biking has become a major part of it. All three of my boys enjoy their bicycle time now, and the added health that it brings. I also think it is important bonding time for them as a family. It just seems so much better than hanging at a bar, or sitting and talking/playing video games, don't you think? They also help to inspire me and keep me on track. Together we can do anything. I am so proud of my family. I hope my son-in-law understands the depth of my pride, and the fact that he IS my family. He is such a strong man and struggles to keep his vision on track due to circumstances well beyond his control. Each day he is stronger. (I hope that same statement applies to each of us.)
The pups are asleep at my feet. They had one of their runs a few minutes ago, and their chicken wing. I started giving them each one after their second run of the day. The first day neither was quite sure what to do with it. Now it is quickly consumed. My understanding is that it is good for their teeth and breath. Neither has been an issue as of yet, but why wait until it is? Chicken wings are cheap, as are backs...a lot cheaper than dental surgery. Who would have thought it could be something as easy as a raw chicken wing or back each day? Time will tell.
All is set for the trip to Oregon. It will be a long and crazy weekend, and I will report back on Monday. I am off for a pair of shoes and to fill the truck with gas. With the rain coming down I see no need to wash the truck, so that is one more thing I get to check off the list, which is getting smaller by the minute.

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