Saturday, February 6, 2010

Time for a fitting

with a none too pleased dog. This was taken with my cell phone, so I will try for better, and happier, pictures later. (FWIW it is not is "plum" in honor of my new grandbaby.) With a few modifications Kate will have her new jammies and I will be able to keep a clean dog clean.
Note the sleeping beauty on the couch...
Short legs mean everything ends up on the belly after a walk across a parking lot on a rainy day. Ok, this was a wee bit more than a walk across a parking lot, but you get my drift!
The idea is that this may also help tame an unruly patch of hair. Time will tell. One more thing to pack in the ever growing show bag(s). Five days and counting until I leave for Albany. Lots to do, and little time. For now the house, and couch, comes first.


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Grandma L said...

Short legs and a wet muddy belly reminds me of my little wirehaired doxie I once had. I will always miss her.