Saturday, February 27, 2010

The things I do

while waiting for the family to show.

First there is the cabin. I wanted to take a picture or three to show to people who seem mildly interested. Now there are signs of a nibble so I wandered over with the Blackberry and snapped a picture to send to my daughter, to send on.

Then, while out scooping the yard I couldn't help but look up at the roof to see if the magic powder was doing its job. It is, but not fast enough, and what the heck, there is a slight lull in the rain so why not help it along with some of the bigger patches of moss, eh? Up I go with rake in hand, dogs barking (once again) below. Now, of course, the gutters are full, but rather than cut up my hands by scooping the stuff out I realized something, and decided it was best to carefully get off the roof.

Last night when I went out to feed the horse, (in the rain and mud) prior to a visit from friends, my leg quite suddenly, and without warning, came off. Down I went. This time it was completely off; unscrewed from the liner. My body was unhurt, my knees were muddy, and I was angry. REALLY angry. I am so tired of issues with this leg. I know I am pushing it, but this is a leg that is meant to be walked on by "active" people. Yeah, right! So, as I am up on that roof I suddenly had a vision of how bad it could be if I were leaning over the gutter, from the uphill side, and had an equipment malfunction. Or on the ladder...leg falls to ground and I am stuck; unable to get up or down. sigh.

So I am now in the house awaiting arrival of young son. I want to go down to the lighthouse and see if we have any signs of the tsunami which is to hit between two and four. Perhaps it will tone down my anger a wee bit. Oh, and yes, I used to get really mad when I skinned my knee too. I am worse now. It is the "don't stop me or get in my way" attitude. Where it comes from, I have no clue. For now I am using it to my advantage and will count on friends and relatives to rein me in should it get too over the top.

I wonder if I should crank up the lawnmower while I wait...


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Lori Thornbrue said...

Stay on the ground! It's okay to get mad when your leg falls off!
Be safe. Did you get any tsunami? What a scary earth quake. I'm glad it didn't hurt many people.....(for the size of the thing, and in the middle of the night....could have killed thousands.)
Take care......enjoy the day!
Oh, for green lawn that might need mowing! Utah, February, BROWN<BROWN<BROWN!!d