Friday, February 19, 2010

Won't you be my neighbor?

'Tis early morning and the sun is just beginning to rise. The grass is frosted over and the stars are shining quite brightly in the clear sky. A perfect time for a walk with the dogs. I can hear the train across Puget Sound; over in Edmonds. At any moment the ferry will begin to blow its horn as it arrives and departs from the terminal a mile from here. This is an amazing place to live. more walking dogs until daylight. Every little rustle sets them off. I live in the woods; there are plenty of rustles! I think the chipmunks get together and throw things at the dogs as we try to walk in the dark. Then they laugh as I try to control two dogs I cannot see as they weave their leashes into knots. So from this day forward my pre-dawn walks will be on the treadmill. In another hour we should be good to go.

I noticed that the sign post is up for the cabin next door. I walked up there yesterday and it looks great. I sure hope that someone good takes the place. It deserves better than it has had the past two occupancies. I am thinking that the dogs will be spending a bit more time out in their pen. A bit of barking from here now may save a lot of aggravation later; knowaddamean, Vern? I was hoping to nab a photo from the listing and post it here, but it isn't up yet, so I will try to get over and take some of my own. It is such a cute little place with tons of potential...don't you love it when something is described like that? This is not a dump...just tiny. It is a cabin. a cabin in the woods. on acreage. a short walk down the driveway to the beach. Nuff said.

Today I am going to go play with Newfie puppies. Big boofy black babies. They are seven weeks old and the most adorable bear cubs I have ever seen. In two weeks I will get to play with Cardigan corgi puppies. By far the most adorable, period. I admit, I am a bit biased, but the more time I spend around Cardigans and their breeders, the more I fall for them. They are just a good fit for me. What can I say? I have been given the educational opportunity of a lifetime. I will get to watch one of the premier breeders evaluate a litter of puppies and a few adult dogs. I am delighted for the invite. I hope my aging brain can take it all in. Extreme thanks to the powers that be...and you know who you are!

So, with that, I am off to spend some quality time outside with my little hairy horse. It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood.


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Lori Thornbrue said...

And, it was two separate we drove to the grocery store to do some real shopping, the other we walked to the 'candy' store for a treat! I had the kids for 10 we did lots of things!
Kiss all the green for me :)