Friday, February 26, 2010

Muddy Friday

Today is the first day I have let the dogs run in the field again. Of course, it is raining, and has been all night. The field is covered in mud. I managed to find an area that was not slippery and got out the ball tosser. Christmas in February!! Kate wouldn't even wait for the ball to be thrown. She just grabbed one that I dropped and ran. What a happy girl! I decided to keep it minimal, partly because I was getting wet and cold, and partly because I still have no idea what had caused the lameness on either dog. With the chance of slipping in the mud I felt I was playing with fire; at the ten minute mark I called the dogs in. A quick wipe down with the Sham-Wow and they are snoozing on the window sill (Kate) and bed (Henry) as the chicken wings thaw a bit. (Oops!) Life has resumed some semblance of normalcy.

I've made an appointment with Hanger Prosthetics to discuss a running leg. The modifications that have been made to my current leg have me incredibly sore. I adore the folks at my current shop, but am beginning to run out of patience with them getting it right. I firmly believe in giving my business to the "little guy" until the risk overcomes the benefits. Sadly, with my increased activity, I am right on that edge.

This weekend looks to be a quiet one. Things change in seconds around here, but my plans are to do some of the many tasks that are needed to maintain my home. I almost look forward to it.

Onward into March.



kira said...

And cheer on my husband at the finish line of the Chilly Hilly! :)

Steelcyclist said...

Running leg, excellent! Perhaps that will be a bit more comfortable on the 3 day too?

Kira, pass on the cheer from me too. Wish I could be there, if only it weren't on a Sunday.... erg.