Monday, June 15, 2009

Adult children

First I must apologize to S2. My flag was up, but my head was down. Sorry.

OK. Adult children. I have three. They give me more joy now than they did as little ones. I never would have believed it as I adored raising kids. Now we have a strange relationship in which THEY are the adults, and are the victims of my constant teasing. I have said on here many times that I live to embarrass my kids, and it is true. It would fall flat if they did not respond with smiles and a chuckle here and there, so I give part of the blame to them. I cherish who they are; I adore who they have grown to become. Their strength and commitment to their passions is inspiring.

My oldest is the Dad that I wish my children had. He is the husband that I wish I had. He has heart and strength that he wears on his sleeve. He has figured it out. I am so grateful to him for showing me how a young man can overcome a lot of odds. I give credit to his wife and her family for showing him what family truly is.

My daughter also has been growing into her "self." She grew up being passed from friend to friend as her mother was hospitalized. I feel bad about that. The examples she had as parents have shaped her a bit more than her older brother. Again, her heart is bigger than life itself, and she is a good mother and wife. She stands up for herself when wronged, and I applaud her. It was something that I did not do until recently. She is someone that I share laughs with. I completely adore "hanging out" with her. (I think we will soon be embarrassing HER daughter. )

My youngest child, my second son, has found his calling. There were times that I feared for his life as his choices were sadly lacking. I am thinking that he needed to work through some things to figure out not only who he is, but also what he wanted to do with his life. He is the artist. He is pure, raw, emotion. This boy who used to try and melt things out in the shop (at age 3) is now a top notch welder/artist/business owner. His metal fabrication work has been sold all over the world. I think he finally understands how brilliant he is. I came across the coloring book that he started making at the age of three. I now wear his artwork on my prosthesis. He is with me wherever I go. I like that.

These children are still my life. Without them I would have given up the fight. I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to see them blossom. It just keeps getting better and better. I love you, children of mine.

A huge congrats to my college friends who were just given a new grand son. Welcome, little man. You give the gift of life to some of the greatest, and strongest, people I know. How healing it is to see how life continues on. May you be blessed with good health.

Life is wonderful.


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