Thursday, June 25, 2009

Is it Friday yet?

This has been a crazy week. Yesterday I laid out in the pump house, flashlight in hand, looking for the leak in the pump system. I found it, but I am not sure it can be fixed right away. A steady, but slow, drip, drip drip, is not going to drain a 35,000 gallon pool so I may pretend it is no big deal until after the next pay day. As I was trying to figure out if I had fixed it, I removed the motor for the umpteenth time and checked seals and then put it back together. I then flipped the circuit breaker back on and got...nothing. Nada. No power. At that point I wanted to scream and yell, but I just stood there, numb. Picturing myself writing a big check the day before...

Wanting to cry, I stepped out of the pool area and tried to collect myself. What had I done wrong? Enter Windy. My sweet little horse. She has had many a tear in her mane. She is a quiet and gentle little soul. We both stood, just the two of us, and watched the tree tops weaving in the wind. She nuzzled my hip. I scratched her jaw. One moment of peace. Then back to reality. And back to the pool.

A green pool. Now that green pool is covered with dirt, silt, leaves. It is very muggy out. and hot. I wanted to have a clean blue pool so bad, as I wanted to jump in. Instead I stand in the heat. And it dawns on me.

A few minutes earlier the pups were madly barking in the house. I walk into the pump house and flip the light switch. Then, with a smile I walk to the house and check the time. No can do. Now I am chuckling. I pick up the phone to call Puget Sound Energy and report the power outage. I think it is the first time I have ever been happy to have the power out. It was out about five hours. I have yet to flip the breaker to power up the pump. After all the drama going on in my head yesterday I admit I am a bit scared.

The trees are quiet today. I will sit quietly and catch up on the events of the week for the next thirty minutes then will go power up the pool. When one buys a house in the woods, one has to deal with power outages. Yesterday's outage will be remembered as the one that made me smile. That was a good thing.


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