Wednesday, June 17, 2009

On a doorknob??

My darling pupster, Katelan is in a "womanly (in this case bitchy) way" right now. Henry has found new meaning to the word "love" and Kate is pretty darn clueless. Luckily she doesn't mind wearing her pants, so we were able to go to doggie class. However, because of this period of her life, she has very sparse hair, and is shedding so much that I am amazed she has any at all still on her body. My dust bunnies look like they are of the angora persuasion. So, I have been gathering suggestions (no, not the dust bunnies) for getting her to quit shedding and start growing her coat back. One was to hose her down (yes HER, not Henry) a couple of times a week with cold (see why I said Henry?) water. Another, to give her daily brushings. I have been doing both, and the hair is still flying. She is doing so well in her classes that I want to get her back into a show or two in August. However, she doesn't stand a chance unless she has a nice coat on her.

So, enter the doorknob thing. I read about this fantastic recipe that would grow hair. I deleted the email (rats). So I googled "grow hair on a doorknob." BINGO!! I came up with a number of hits. Most were very similar, so tonight I will be mixing up peanut butter, honey, and a couple of high potency dietary supplements (nope, no tomatoes; dogs don't like to eat them either). I have been giving the dogs fish oil for as long as I have had Henry. However, I do think I may need to cut back their food a bit so I don't end up with porky corgis. I try not to have much peanut butter around as the calories are pretty horrific, and there is nothing like a PB and J when I am bored, tired, hungry, happy, sad, etc, etc. It does make me wonder, however, why this magic formula isn't used on the human species. Perhaps there is a gag order put out by the plastic surgeons. What man, or woman, wouldn't rather have hair plugs, than consume 1/4 cup of peanut butter, honey and dietary supplements..."silly grandma."

So I am off to mix the magic munchies. I sometimes amaze myself at the lengths I go for these dogs. Perhaps it is the empty nest thing. Oh, and for the record, even if doorknobs could eat I think I would pass on feeding this stuff to it. The idea of a hairy doorknob is just plain creepy.


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Grandma L said...

Does that formula only work on door knobs and dogs? Maybe it would work on me. My hair is getting thinner by the minute. Just kidding ! I couldn't gag the formula down even if it produced diamonds.