Saturday, June 6, 2009


Crackberry. Yep, I got myself a new fangled piece of electronic equipment. I doubt I will ever figure out all that it can do...but I will do as I always do when it comes to upgrading the phone, which is let the daughter figure her's out, then explain the basics to me. Right now I sit in awe of the potential free ring tones on crackberry dot com. As I fantasize who will get what ring tone (what says you, S2? I can download the "wicked witch" from Wizard of Oz!!) I suddenly get overcome with the possibilities. At exactly the same time my desktop freezes up. Time to walk away from the computer. One of the things I realized is that other folks besides me will hear my phone when it rings. Having a baby cry, for instance, is probably not a good thing should I be in a crowd of nursing Moms. The evil clown laugh would probably not be a good one for me (dear daughter), if I am silently, and peacefully, contemplating my day. At the same time I need to be careful not to put a ring tone of a favorite song. Breaking into song when my phone rings could be a tad embarrassing if I am on the ferry as it docks. (Think "hallelujah" chorus). So, at this point I am just at the "chuckle" stage and have yet to assign anyone anything. I must admit a bit of dismay over the fact that there are several ringtones of different cars revving their engines, but not even one motorcycle. What's with that?? They do, however, have the Llama Song!" I know who will be getting that...if I can figure out how to get it from the desk top to the Blackberry. (Insert evil clown laugh here.)


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