Sunday, June 21, 2009

On the Road Again, and the Best Western saga continues

When G2 and I (S2) started this blog, we were off on a grand adventure and wanted to document that. All those things that awed us, glitches that irritated us, and whatever happened to make us hysterical with laughter, we wanted to record those. We'd wanted to make that trip to N. Carolina for so many years, finally we were doing it! We want to do it again. And again.

But for now, I and my youngest daughter are off on a trip. Along with being a great time to drive to California to visit Uncle Pete and his ripe apricots, I have a new vehicle of conveyance that needs a shakedown cruise. G2 mentioned it in her last blog I think. I hesitate to call this a new (used) car. it's not a car. Nor is it strictly a truck, even though it is quite truck like at times. It's an SUV, sort of. It's like a really big, really luxurious limo type SUV. It's large, yes it is. And I LOVE it. It rides like a dream, it's comfortable, it's getting surprisingly good gas mileage. I'm up above most of the traffic, where I really like to be. It's the Ocean Liner, yes it is.

I love everything about the new 'car', except for those tinges of guilt when I think of how much gasoline it uses. This is not a very 'green' vehicle. I envisioned having to fill up every hundred miles. It's gotten fairly good mileage, actually. Surprisingly good! I'm heartened. Now I can have my massive encasing of metal lifting me up enough to see over most of the other vehicles. Being the control freak I am behind the wheel, I want to know where EVERY other vehicle is, not just the big butted minivans the obscure anything beyond them. And you don't dare pass them, because you never know how thinly strung the driver is at the end of her day.

I love the leather seats with the lumbar support that you can ask to warm up on those days when your low back is achey. I love how relaxed I feel while driving on the freeway. It's just good.

So D3 and I headed off down the road (Daughter #3). The last time I went on a vacation (G2's and my trip back east), I promised she could go the next time. She has a disconnect with anything relating to time. That seems to extend to distance, as well. She is always wondering why Uncle Peter doesn't come over more often. Well honey, he lives 900 miles away. Nope, doesn't compute. She's about to see just how far that is :)

So. Best Western does indeed strike again. Last fall G2 and I had a constant issue with the lack of access at the various Best Westerns we stayed at. I hadn't planned to stay with them this trip, to be blunt. However, I'm on their email list, and they send a pitch that went like this: Complete two separate stays at a Best Western Motel in Oregon from June 21 to July something, and receive one free stay to be taken at your discretion, AND a Jonas brothers back pack. D3 happened along when that email was open, and she CAN read. It was settled, to Best Western we would go.

I made reservations for our stay on the way to California. I specified no feather pillows (allergies), and that there must, must, must be a good internet connection. No problem says she...I'm making a note of it right now. Yes, they have great internet, it says it right here.

Except for a 'Police matter' that had the I5 bridge into Portland closed (forcing a detour), the drive was beautiful. You know how the sky looks when it's about 1/3 cumulus and 2/3 blue sky? Yes, that beautiful.

My favorite roadside sight: Large black SUV pulled over to side of road, where near the rear a man was leaning over holding a sack of....something. When I was much closer, I realize he was holding the bare butt of a young child over a patch of earth. Oh, the frustration! You know they have to toilet train, but sometimes it's downright untimely!

After negotiating some very confusing directions, we get to the Best Western New Oregon Motel. As I was completing the registration process, I happened to say, now tell me you really really really do have good internet, because it is of paramount importance to me. Two men hang their heads and say...our internet is out. maybe we had a lightning strike or something. Me: Uh huh? At least they admitted it, and we headed out to the next Best Western, only a few blocks away.

Now residing at the Greentree inn, we were deep in the middle of allergy attacks before I thought to check the pillows. Yup, you guessed it. In addition, I was given an ethernet connection, just in case the wifi didn't work. The ethernet was to be plugged into the wall underneath the desk. Unfortunately, there are no electric outlets anywhere near the desk, so the computer cannot be plugged in. Fortunately, the wifi works.

A very pleasant night manager did find us a couple of pillows, which I am going to use right about now. Those pillows are much appreciated.

We'll see how the continental breakfast is in the morning. It's a nice place, so I'm hoping for a good experience to start off a long day of driving. All the way from Eugene, OR to San Jose CA in the morning. We can do it!


Finished blog, laid down on pillow and thought...hmmm. So after unzipping the outer layers, I behold the tag on pillow that states: Duck Feathers. I think if I remove the bedspread (thin and contains no feathers) and roll it up, it will approximate a pillow. Sweet dreams.


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