Sunday, June 21, 2009


What a wild and crazy week/weekend it has been. All emotions have run wild this weekend, and I look forward to a more sane week ahead.

I have been on and off the ferry more times than I can count this weekend. At this time of the year it is insane to even consider driving on because of the lines of waiting cars. I spent time with the grand kids, so it always makes sense to walk on at one end and pick the little critters up then walk back on and off then go home. Then repeat when the visit is up. Pretty simple except that this time of year the boats are unpredictable time wise, so no matter how much time I think I have, it usually ends in a gimpy sprint up the ramp to catch the boat as it is about to leave. That is what happened last night on my final trip of the day. S2 is off for California and wanted to borrow the cooler that I bought for our trip last fall. I barely made it onto the boat; and she and daughter were meeting me at the other end, after which I would oooo, and ahhh, over her new wheels (appropriately called the Ocean Liner). We went to dinner and then she dropped me off for the ride back to my home port. As we got there a boat was just pulling out, but what we didn't see was there was another behind it waiting to pull in. Another fast walk up the ramp. I tell you all this because when I got home I immediately got the dogs and took them outside. Two steps off the porch I was suddenly on the ground. My leg had fallen apart!! Again, I thank the therapists who worked with me and taught me to fall in such a way that I would do minimal damage to my body. I am fine, although the dogs were a bit shocked. I think about how scared the ferry workers, or other passengers, would have been had this happened on the boat, the ramp, or at the park...and how embarrassed I would have been; not to mention that it would hurt a bit more to hit cement or steel versus my front lawn. I got the leg back together and have an appointment on Tuesday.

The Mom emotions will be left to your imaginations. Suffice it to say that once a Mom, always a Mom. I just want my babies to be happy and make good choices.

My grand daughters are so adorable. I feel so lucky. To be able to sit and "talk" with them is always the highlight of any visit. The way their eyes see the world is something that we "adults" should strive to have in our sight. I'm beginning to think that they are the wiser; needing love and support of family, a warm safe place to sleep, and food in the tummies. It shouldn't be that difficult if we have our priorities straight.

I haven't spent much time on the motorcycle lately. It just hasn't been in the cards. I miss it and guess I need to just make a date and do it! A group of my internet biker buddies got together last week for an annual get together called the "Gritz Blitz." I have met a bunch of the guys in the past. A couple of them had come a few summers back on a cross country ride. One of the guys had his bike until it turned over 100,000 miles. He then got himself a new beauty and has put quite the mileage on it as well. There was a group that met here last summer. Many go to their destination by air, then rent a bike and ride. Not these two. One is from Florida and t'other from eastern Canada. Word came down yesterday that the teacher from Florida "went down." Those two words make my blood run cold. It looks like he will be OK, but will be having some back surgery as he shattered a vertebrae. His bike will not be that lucky. The good thing is that his wife was not perched behind him. The other good thing is that it was all kept under wraps until HE could call her. Hearing his voice, would give her some comfort, and let her know that he really is still alive. It is a hazardous pastime, and we all take that risk upon us when we throw our legs over the saddle. It doesn't make it any easier to hear that one from that inner circle has been hurt. I am incredibly grateful that it wasn't worse. I know that it will drive him crazy to be spending this summer vacation cruising in a true lounge chair this time, rather than a bike that we have dubbed the title. Heal fast, Ringo. The gimp's prayers are with you.

Does any one know where I can put in my order for a quieter week ahead? I'm getting too old for all this emotional roller coaster stuff!

Have a great week...that's my goal.


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Colette Kingsley said...

I was thinking of you when Chris and I visited the huge Harley Davidson store here in Utah. We went with our son-in-law Ethan and grandson Zac
who loves "sicos" (his word for motorcycles :) Lots of cool bikes and accessories!