Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hot Air. Period.

I'm at my brother's place in San Jose CA. We canned 48 quarts of apricots two days ago!

It's 107 degrees here.

We attempted a rockhounding expedition this morning, supposedly before the heat hit. We were after Morgan Hill poppy jasper and some really cool agate. However, by the time we got there it was already in the nineties. We got out of the car, walked a few hundred feet and that was it. Pete says I'm a wuss, but I know Ramona can't function in heat like that, heartwise anyhow. I am not much better.

So we did a tour of some parks in my nice air conditioned car. Air conditioning fools you...because you are finally comfortable again, you start thinking that it might be nice to stop in the pretty redwoods and take a walk. Then you look at the temperature readout on the dash and it says something like 103, or worse, open the car door.

So we're back at Pete's in his nice air conditioning. I used to live here. I never had air conditioning. I moved to Seattle for the climate.

I think tomorrow (or perhaps Monday), we will head north via the coast and visit Redwood National Park. Then perhaps Oregon. What is heartening is that it was 60 degrees in Crescent City today.

And...I have developed some lymphadema in my left arm. Nothing too major, but the heat does not help. My friend Peggy (who we spent yesterday with) is an expert seamstress, and she measured both Ramona and I all over (she's going to sew for us). When she measured my upper arms is when I realized why my arm hurts. It's an inch bigger around than the right, and I'm right handed. She whipped me up a compression sleeve and it's already better. Thank heavens for talented friends like that!

For the rest of today, I'm just going to alternate between lying down with my arm propped up (and reading the new Stephanie Plum novel), making dinner, and of course computing a bit here and there.

G2, I've become twit-addicted. Sad but fun!

Can the Michael Jackson mania please be over?


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