Tuesday, June 23, 2009

One person's trash

must be another person's treasure. After spending $546 on electrical for the pool (gasp) I noticed that I now am having issues with a leak somewhere in the system. In order to see a bit better, and to disassemble the pump and motor and put it back together, I decided to get the big hulking heater out of the pump house. It has not been hooked up since before I moved here and I haven't a clue if the thing even works, After hack sawing the propane pipe (relax, it is not hooked up) I was able to wiggle and walk it out of the pool area. (I still haven't a clue where the leak is and really don't give a darn at this point. I've pulled every thing out of there and go out every couple of hours and shop vac the water. It is not a substantial leak, and I need to get the green pool back to blue so threw in the shock and will see what tomorrow brings. I want to be in it by the weekend.) Anyway...I now have this big hulking metal box that has served many a rat family, I suspect. It was all I could do to get it on the dolly and out of the pool area; I can't even think about getting it up into the truck to haul it off. So, I think to myself: CraigsList!! I threw together a freebie ad and immediately get two responses; both are well over an hour away. I was planning on putting it on Freecycle as well, but guess I don't need to now. I don't know if it has scrap value, or parts value, or any value at all. None to me, anyway. It seems that at least two people really, oops now three, really want this thing. Wonderful for all of us.

With that I think I deserve a trip to the jacuzzi tub. I am tired. For the next three weeks I will be eating salad with occasional ramen for variety. I really hadn't figured the bill would be quite that big. sigh.


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