Monday, December 7, 2009


nope...downright cold!

It is almost 1pm and the indoor/outdoor thermometer has the temperatures at 65/24F. And the outdoor sensor is tacked in the alcove by the front door. I turned on the furnace when I got up as I wanted the entire house to warm a bit. Three hours later it was still on, and still under 70F. The woodstove is now keeping the front room warm.

My outside time has been cut way back. The dogs are less than thrilled, but I have a concert this weekend and no amount of chapstick is keeping the lips from chapping. It is hard enough to play after all the years away without cracked and bleeding lips. Yes, indeed, another piece to my simple, but used to be complex, life. I played French Horn (and actually had a music scholarship) in college. I get recruited on occasion, and this weekend is a Christmas concert. Little known facts about the gimp. I miss playing, but drum and bugle corps days and illness and resultant medications have left me 95% deaf in my left ear; not a good thing for a horn player.

My understanding is that we could go down to 9 degrees this week. Eek! I am hauling water out to the horse a couple of times a day now. I hope the pool does OK. The pump is rebuilt but not reinstalled. I don't feel like laying on the cement floor to install it. It should be fine, but with all the issues over the summer I am a bit concerned that it will still leak. I do NOT need a skating rink in my pump house, and I don't want to lay out there and watch for leaks. One of the gaskets is very odd shaped and I need to confer with my son-in-law prior to install and make sure I am doing the best I can do for a successful outcome.

It is a crazy week ahead; one that will see many ferry rides. All I really want to do is snuggle up with my dogs in my warm house and watch movies. Henry is curled up in front of the woodstove, and Kate is attacking him. I have just hauled a load of wood in so that I don't have to do it in the middle of the night. I suspect after this week the wood pile will look much smaller.

I am off to shop before the ferry ride this afternoon. Stay warm.



Kim said...

You know it's cold when the dog that loves to sleep out in the grass at night (Ana) is inside on the couch!

Lori Thornbrue said...

Stay warm! I think we're at 4 degrees right was 6 when I left for work this morning. Brrrrr. Lucky for me the only outside 'chore' is getting the mail and shoveling snow. If I had animals, they might die of thirst!....or I'd quick have to put heat in a barn.......
How did the pioneers ever do it??? [Or even more difficult, how did the Pilgrim survive in New England?]