Wednesday, December 30, 2009

the McFamily event

What a grand one it was. For the first time ever all of my sibs and their families were able to get together in one place at one time. We met at my Step-Mom's husband's house. (Got that?) I somehow was the "organizer" of the thing. Of course, there is no organizing our McFamily, but that is the fun of it. This time around I managed to get a date when my sister's oldest was still in town. Everyone else had the time off or available to be off early...and Mom and new husband were in town as well. Score! (Planning way ahead does indeed have its advantages.)

Youngest son was in charge of smoking the 17 pound turkey. Everyone else just brought something to share. We start showing up in the early afternoon. Kids, grand kids, great grand kids. The numbers grow. But no turkey. Call is placed. "Yes, I am on my way." Almost an hour passes. The phone rings. Understand, dear readers, that I mass emailed everyone the address and phone number to new Dad's house a few days before the event. Everyone makes it except for my two boys; each of whom has a GPS! Dear youngest needs directions as he went to the Mom's house, which is now being rented. Directions are given and he eventually arrives with foil wrapped turkey. I pull back the foil to see a black bird. Not "dark" but black. Completely charred looking. Uhhhhhhh. No, says son. That is how it is supposed to look. And he begins to carve. This is by far the best turkey I have EVER had. He soaked it in brine for 16 hours before smoking it with apple wood for another 12. Slowly the whole story comes out. He got home from work and grabbed the bird and headed the wrong house. Upon arriving at the now rental, he was quite pleased with himself. Even though we had called to find out where he was...he somehow managed to get there first! Cool. Carrying 17 pounds of bird he found knocking on the door a bit difficult so opted instead to just walk in. sigh. When he spoke the loud "hello" he was greeted with a "shhhhhh." Weird, thinks he. Then a young girl greets him. No one he has ever met. Hmmmm. Then a young boy pops up from the couch. "Oh, I thought you were my Dad. We are watching a movie." OK. "I have a turkey" says son. "Do D*** and S*** live here?" Oh, says boy. Nope, but we are renting their house. I think at this point I am just glad that my son decided not to sit down and watch the movie and share the turkey. Only in my family!!

So we sat and savored the perfectly smoked turkey and company of family. My older brother brought a pumpkin pie that was to die for. He had made it himself and I will have to get the recipe. It had molasses and I believe a gingerbread crust. A perfect dessert to follow up with the perfectly baked turkey. More laughs, more stories. And time wore down, as did the kidlets. Homeward bound to the chores and gifts that were waiting on the table. My sister and I always exchange gifts. It is something we gather for the entire year. This year's box was corgi themed. Opening it I see on top a mouse pad. On that pad is printed a copy of a painting of one on my breeder's pups. I was in a tizzie. Who to call first? My breeder/friend, or my sister? I opt for sister and tell her that "I KNOW THAT DOG!" I think she assumed it was a generic painting, but nooooo. I know that dog!!! Another signed and numbered piece of corgi art, this one a sketch. Darn she is good! Then I notify the breeder. Luckily sis told me where she got the stuff as I now need to make a trip back to get one of the mouse pads for breeder/friend by Albany show time. I am still shaking my head in amazement. My house is slowly gaining corgi "stuff" momentum. It will perhaps equal, or even surpass, the scotties. Sad, in a way.

Then I sit down to check out how cuz did on Jeopardy. Thanks to S2 for the call, as I did know the outcome (he won yet again) as I likely would have turned it off. I have no more fingernails. He has been on the show since Christmas eve and has been winning. Last night he was down all the way through. He won because he was the only one who got the final answer correct and he wagered enough to pull it off. Go Stephen!! Can my nubs of fingers take much more of this? I will continue to record it day by day and watch the end first. Oh the joys of the DVR. And here I thought the biggest joy was skipping through the ads.

So the parties are over for this season. I can take the tree down. I can return to whatever normal may be in my crazy life. I am happy.

I am off to gather some firewood. Yep, back to normal...for now.


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