Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ten Days and Counting

The days are speeding by, the house is not yet decorated, and the baking is not done. However, I DO have a tree and it is getting closer to being in the house. It is now blocking the door...if I don't bring it in soon it will have me launching it into Puget Sound. I've got a couple strings of those new fancy LED lights, and they really are nice, I must say. The colors are incredible and they can be seen for quite a distance. Last year I did not put up a tree as I was still in the "missing my Dad" funk, so it will be interesting to see if Kate will leave the tree alone. I have given up trying to guess what she will do. She is a very odd duck, I mean dog. At some point she will surprise me and stop destroying things. I may never know when that point occurs as I do not trust her at all and lock her in the kitchen whenever I leave. It keeps her alive.

Kate is a "licker." She cleans Henry by the hour. Every inch of him. His broken toenail had her quite concerned as he wouldn't let her touch it, and she could hardly stand leaving it alone. It was a bone of contention for a number of days.

She is really into a tacky stool that I have.I haven't a clue what it is all about. She doesn't try to chew it, just licks it. And licks it. And licks it. Perhaps she likes the feeling of the upholstery fabric on her tongue. I will never know.

I do know that it can drive me crazy. Most don't believe me when I tell them. This stool has never been used for anything. Nothing has ever been spilled on it. I have never had dirty shoes on it. It is in the corner to keep her away from the speakers and wires. She follows it around the house. I managed to snap that picture this morning. I guess it could be worse. I hear there are some dogs that eat sheet rock...I wonder if I can carry it into the ring as 'bait?" (Just kidding; it won't fit in my pocket.)

Henry, on the other hand, just likes to chill on the couch.

I have begun my research for a triathlon, or decent street, bike. Who would've thought I would need all this "stuff?" I can hardly wait until spring when I can join up with a group for Triathlon training. It gets old just working on the bike trainer and the treadmill. I think I will start lap swimming again in the wee hours of the morning. Again, however, it doesn't give the support and feedback that a group would give. One day at a time, and for now I need to get through Christmas.

Ten days



Colette Kingsley said...

Good Luck on the Triathalon Training.
Shannon participated in her first one
last month and loved it. My son-in-law
Rafa has been running in marathon's also. I have a lot of respect for them (and you :)

Kim said...

Yes, dry wall is a delicacy at my house. As is trim in the laundry room.

Mark cut the new trim out on the back deck. He'd cut a piece, come in to check that it was correct, nail it to the wall and come out and find the piece he cut off had disappeared.

Ana likes to steal the screwdriver whenever he sets it down. Mirage keeps eyeballing the dewalt drill.

I think if we had kept their thumbs we'd have the house finished by now.