Friday, December 11, 2009

In an effort to get in the Christmas mood

I took the fur kids to "Naturally4Paws" to see Santa Paws. It was just what we all needed. Ohhh, Henry is holding up his owie foot....I just noticed that. :-(
Henry wasn't too delighted at the idea of sitting on Santa's lap, and I was a bit concerned that he might try to "de-stuff" him. Around here he can gut a stuffy in less than 60 seconds. Kate, however, was oblivious, and quite content to just chill on his lap.

Thanks to Naturally4Paws for the much needed boost. I love you guys!!!


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Rex said...

This is not Rex....Rex is Steve's business partner and he uses my computer. I don't notice until too late that he is still signed in........This is really Lori Thornbrue!
Now that is pretty cute! Fun and cheery to boot!!!
Our little Joshua baby is so sweet...even at his 2 months of age, he is still just very happy and very, very smiley. We were lucky to have the kids from Seattle here, and Andrew's parents from California were visiting in Utah, so we blessed Elijah at our house. That picture was taken when he fell asleep on the floor after the blessing. Too cute for words. (And no one stepped on him....aren't we lucky, with over 30 people running around the house!)
Merry Merry Christmas to YOU!!! Love you tons.