Friday, December 4, 2009

You are welcome

Let's see now, was it a month ago that I went to the last show? At least three weeks have gone by, correct?

You all know how nervous I tend to get. Nervous. Disjointed. I pack the bags. I repack. I check things off the lists.

The venue was awful. There was little room between the cement wall and the show rings. The area was packed with crates of dogs...some not so happy to be there. People were walking dogs to their rings as others (myself) were preparing to enter the ring. There was no room to work off the nervous energy.

So, with that preparation...the picture carefully drawn...

I enter my class, get my ribbon, go back in for the next in line. Kate is not baiting well. I have my arsenal, but have pretty much decided it is a moot point.

So, dear readers, yesterday I found something that will give you your Friday chuckle...


Look what I found in my shoe yesterday.

In between classes I had carefully slipped the ribbon and squeaker (bait) into my left shoe. (I have no clue why I didn't put it into my coat pocket as would be the "norm.") FWIW I change into a nicer looking shoe as I get ready to go in the ring. I was still sore from my surgery and the tiny bit of angle change in the shoe hurt so I carried them to ringside and put them on there. I bolted after the show and just grabbed everything and headed out. The ribbon and squeaker were quickly forgotten as they slipped into the toe of the shoe. On the ferry I changed my shoes. Unlike you two legged folks who do NOT take off your leg to go to bed, I tend to leave my shoe on until the sock is pretty much worn out. (Thanks go to all who give me their singleton socks.)

I decided it was time to change my sock the other day.

I thought my leg was a bit more noisy as of late...


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Kira said...

As you said that was in your shoe, and I hadn't finished reading the post, I thought it was Katelyns opinion of that particular show (chewed up dirty ribbon with bait item close by to say "this is what I think of your show and no amount of baiting could make me think different!").