Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Alas alas, the price of gas

Has become to dear to find. Or almost! What, there is a gas shortage in North Carolina, right when we are here ON A ROAD TRIP, lol. It's a very good thing that every thing is closer together in the east, not so much gas needed to get from motel to motel.

Of course, it doesn't help me get this blog written when Nancy keeps interrupting to read out the latest updates in PETA's campaign to get Ben and Jerry's to start making ice cream out of human breast milk. Bleah, bleah, ack and retch. Ludicrous~

Or it could be the margarita at Tequila's (a word which starts with the same letter as Tomato) which I thought did not (the margarita that is) affect me all that much. We only wish would could have posted the first of the tomato pictures tonight, but alas once again. Last night it was discovered taht I had no power cable, thus little battery life, thus further, no way to down load the photos from the camera. Imagine, if you will, a hand poised against the elegant backdrop of the inside skin of an MD80, the word Tomato written across the palm. Lovely Lisa-created bracelets on wrist (note the DSQ, there will be testing later). It's a poser, a quandary, it's downright mysterious. Tomatoes can hold their secrets with unmatched strenght and facility. More than that I cannot say.

So I decided to see if my gear would fit in Nancy's computer. Um, it might have, if I had put it together properly, but alas, it was late and I was feeling much as I do right now, that is to say, not quite right, fighting sleep and frustrated. This morning I found the power cable, but had in the meantime destroyed the dohickey that allows me to transfer images from my camera chip thingie to puter. I'm hoping that I can buy another at the dreaded Walmart (forgive me for my sins, I plan to enter), while Nancy sits in the gas line.

We're taking our new tomato hostage with us tomorrow, bwa ha ha ha. And I'm taking pictures. Mabye one day you'll see them, as well as some from the flight (gorgeous sunset), and today.

Well ok! I'm obviously too tired and it's too late for more tonight. But I'd like to say how much I enjoyed this day that has more than made up for the stresses of air flight and more to the point, the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport, and the Thrifty car rental. We mined for gemstones and found some beauties, we saw the gorgeous blue ridge mountains, had dinner in a great restaurant run by people who truly know the meaning of treating their patrons like family (Tequila's), and we ahve our plans firmed up for the next two days. Thea, can't wait to see you :)

Night all. Morning cometh too soon.
(Sandoz slides into dreamland)

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2Grandmas2 said...

Ok the gas was TOO dear to find. If there is a way to perform revisions, it's a mystery to me. An even deeper mystery than that posed by the truly terrible tomatoes, yes indeed.