Thursday, September 25, 2008

Straight from the wilds of Montana

Yesterday was one of the more social days that I've been privileged to have in a very long time (no, being crammed together in airports and planes does NOT count). We started out by meeting two of Nancy's online friends for lunch (Scatter and Sunshine, a great pleasure to meet you), but before lunch they took us to an Outdoor store, long hewn, gigantic, with a fish tank you would not believe. I got Ramona a star wars fishing tackle box. While you are laughing at this concept, consider this: They also had Hannah Montana! After I ran back to get a bag (to carry 'stuff' onto the plane)(definitely checking the luggage for the trip home), I had to call the other ladies on the cell phone to find them again. The place was the most gigantic temple to fishing that you can imagine..

So I have been charged with the telling of the tale of the rogue Montana driver, lol. Let's back up just a little bit. Nancy and I went to Emerald Hollow Mine, in order to mine for, you guessed it, emeralds. The red N Carolina clay is incredibly tenacious stuff, gets into everything, sticks to everything, and gives your skin a nice glow. (Note to Elena, nope, it's not emeralds). We headed out of there through Iredell County, a place that really gave me a rush of pleasure to drive through, because my Scott ancestors owned land there. I wished I had brought copies of the land deeds so that I could see the actual places, but since I didn't know we would be there, sigh.

We got back on the interstate and immediately got into a massive (by NC standards anyway)(and ours too, since I was meeting one of MY online friends for dinner) traffic jam. We were all being funneled into one lane, but the left lane was left empty for what looked like miles, and cars were jumping out and trying to make a bit of headway. A guy (it had to be a guy) in a greyhound sized bus pulling a red SUV took it upon himself to make sure than no one got ahead of HIM. He swung his rig out to straddle both lanes, and when a car rashly tried to slip past him he more over more and forced him onto the median. Clods of dirt and hunks of grass flying, the interloper made it. RV guy then began blowing his horn. As more cars attempted to pass, he pulled over into the passing lane again to block them, whereupon someone said, fine, and slipped into the right hand lane and gunned it around. More wild air horn blowing, and believe me, we could imagine the birds that were being flung around. That guy made matters worse, but pulling in directly in from of RV guy, and staying there. When yet another car tried to get in the passing lane, RV guy began weaving back and forth over the whole expanse of the highway, whipping his SUV around like the tail of a whip. I swear we saw a couple of tires leave the pavement briefly. Scary! We made a note of the license plate and we'll post it for all later, since the notepad is out in the car.

Let's just say that we felt extremely fortunate to have only witnessed the madness and not participated directly. We were also very happy to get out of the car and hang out with my online buddy Thea for dinner. My straight shooting friend Nancy and I were so delighted to spend time with you, Thea! So good to finally meet you in person.

And that's all folks, the Blue Ridge Mountains will have to wait.


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elena said...

that's ok...i like rubies too:)