Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ore,Plugged ear, and history

Sandoz will be along soon, but I snuck to the lobby to eat and give her more much needed beauty sleep. How do I know she needs beauty sleep, you say? Because I saw myself, as I was sitting on the throne!! Indeed, Best Western screwed up big time. Once in the bathroom, close the door, sit down, and there, in front of you, two feet away. is a full length mirror! Yep, I will bet none of you has sat and stared at an identical twin on an identical porcelain throne. I tried taking off my glasses, but the movement of another person so near, when I thought I was in solitary confinement, is also unnerving! It must have been done by a male designer, because, truly, no one wants to see a close up of their face as they are "busy" following three days on the road. It just isn't dadgum right, dahlin'.

It is very strange to hear the "accents" but turn on the news and hear that the reporters have none!! Also the commercials, even for local auto dealerships are spoken with only the California "twang." I sometimes strike up a conversation, not hard as EVERYONE is so very friendly, just to hear them talk. It has been a very long time since I was called, darlin' or honey. I miss my parents!!

When Sandoz checks in here, y'all ask her about Montany. I will leave that story for her to tell.

I hear that ketchup is made from tomatoes? They must not have many here, as I am finding lots of mustard, mayo and relish...I hear they make relish and jam from kudzu (probably spelling it wrong), I wonder if we will see the demise of that precious red fruit/vegetable. While it is not my favorite, it can be useful for a few things, and that viney intruder substitute is, well, green...

Later, y'all. Pictures in a bit.

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