Monday, September 22, 2008

We survived delays, gate changes, bad attitudes...

car "upgrades" that we did NOT want, as well as an amazing sunset, wonderful people at the Best Western, Gastonia, Linda and Wheat Thins, and a care package to beat all care packages. Unfortunately, it did not contain a charger for an HP laptop. It also did not contain a tomato.
We are going to unwind and catch a bit of Late Night TV, after I email around for a cord for the Sandoz laptop. It can't be that hard to find, right?? (I am beginning to wonder what it is that I forgot....I am sure there is something.
Pictures to follow; in the morning.

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Sunshinebikergal said...

I have a universal laptop AC/charger cord that MIGHT have the correct plug! Sorry about the tomato, it was a little dark to try to swipe one from the neighbor's garden. ;)