Friday, September 26, 2008


Did I mention that we went to Deep Gap, NC? What an amazing experience. (Yes, we are now in TN). We went to Blowing Rock. Y'all can look up the legend. It was blowing like wonder there were no brochures for hot air balloon rides. At the gift shop Sandoz mentioned her love for Doc Watson and that we were going to cruise around the town. The woman (Dee) picked up the phone and called her husband for directions to Doc's house, and we were to drop his name when we met Doc. If he was feeling OK we could likely set a spell on the porch and talk. If we got lost we were to knock on the door of a neighbor. They all knew where he lived and could set us straight. We took the Doc and Merle Watson Hwy to Dick Watson Rd. Sure enough, there was the house from the album cover. We were at the home of the legend of Bluegrass music!! What a rush. We took a few pictures as we drove into the driveway....and turned around. Yep, want a bit of chicken for those biscuits and gravy? It was pretty gall durn eggsite-n. Want us to bring home a rubbin' from the tires? NC is an amazing place, and either us could resettle there.

So, we drove to West Virginia for some groceries and just to say we had been there. Then it was back to TN.

At the gift shop at Blowing Rock I bought Sandoz some Kudzu jelly. Indeed, the viney plant that is the scourge of the south can be made into relish and jelly. it just goes to prove that if you add enough sugar and flavorings you can make food from anything. Those NC folk are pretty smart. Unfortunately the Kudzu must be as well as it is overtaking the south.

Did you know that there are drive-thru windows at the Subway sandwich shops in TN? I'm not sure if they have tomotoes as neither one of us added them to our sandwiches. I sure wish I could find the ketchup packet that I had saved...

OK, Tennessee, home of Art of Art's Finer Homes, where gas is no longer rationed, and "where you can play with a pig or eat good food" at the Cowboy's Trading Post. Yup, and home of the kindfolk. Those kinfolk have mighty fancy parking lots. Even the fancy bronze signage must have cost a few good pigs and even the added cow with the names of them big city architects and contractors all listed on that Fune-er-real plaque. (How's about a nice spray of funeral lillies, or a silver urn?)

I look forward to today and research in rogersville. Close to 90% of the folk who reside there are kinfolk of dear Sandoz on her mama's side. (I really need more ammo or I will be forever dubbed "fire hose.") Oh, oh. sigh.
Disclaimer: they MAY be related. She has no memory of ever having a house with wheels safely tucked away under the skirting. She also has a definite aversion to cajun food. She also can spell, nope I don't mean the kid that means "set a spell" even though the two look the same. (OK, she was REALLY tired that night that her fingers had dyslexia.) I think a blood test is indicated...what say y'all?

As an added addendum to last night's blogging that I had to write on the word processor and today take down to the "business center" to type as I had no signal in the room OR the lobby for my laptop. It is not pleasant to sit in a closet with no ventilation, and type on a computer that has a cigarette as the mouse cursor!! I am going to see if I can figure out a way to change said cursor to something equally clever. Perhaps I can find a tomato!!

Love y'all.

Grandma2 signing off and getting out of this stuffy cell so's I can breathe!!


gnome517 said...

aww, ladies, i am having so much fun reading about your adventures. gives me hope that those trips that I have filed away in my head might happen someday!!!

Cynthia Summey said...
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~thea said...

I am so THRILLED you found the Kudzu jelly. It is actually made from the blossoms on the kudzu plant (which you spelled right, btw :->) If you get a chance, try the kudzu quiche. Kinda like eating spinach quiche.

Yes, we HAD to find a way to cook / eat it or it would indeed take over the south.

Keep having fun ladies. I'm enjoying your adventures!