Saturday, September 27, 2008


Downtown. Carriage ride to catch the areas of importance before we made our way through it on our own. Sandoz being watched very carefully as she carried her prized camera. After the ride, a quick exit. Too many drunks spilling into the streets. We came looking for history, we found only disappointment.

However, we left the motel on a quest. Harley pins. On the way, with ever faithful, but occasionally wrong, Lee, my Aussie voiced GPS we discussed many things. Look, in the road! Can it be? I believe it's so. It's a dead skunk in the middle of the road! yep, a dead skunk, in the middle of the road, and it's stinkin' to high heaven. (My sister, and her dogs, can vouch that tomato juice will kill (snicker) the smell of skunk.). Had we trusted Lee in the beginning, we would not have tried to find the Harley shop that was at the airport; not NEAR the airport, but actually AT the airport. You see, we were using the yellow pages instead of Lee's search function. He said three shops, but the phone book said seven. I am thinking that one of the rental car companies may rent cycles as well, but we will never know. I doubt we could find a Budget Rent-A-Hog pin. I digress. (With all the road kill I suspect on a moonlit night like tonight we could find a dead bullfrog.) We are driving through an area of town that is all facades. BEE-YOU-TEA-FULL entry ways, with stone and wrought iron fences and elaborate sign decorate "the projects." Slum type older apartment or condos made to look nicer from the road. Strangely sad. I'm thinking that this is a lot like the bedazzler. That weird pliers contraption that will allow one to put plastic "jewels" along the seams and pockets of pants. Flashy, but the shape underneath is still the same. However, if you add a nice cowboy hat to the mix it takes the eye back away and totally confuses the whole issue. Ka-peeeesh??

Talking about confusing: there is a bank here just outside of town. We drove by too fast to get a picture so you will just have to believe us. It is called "The 5th 3rd Bank." What the heck can that mean? We pondered this for a few minutes (as long as our attention span allowed). The answer that made the most sense came from S2: They tried four other times to get permits and funding for their third bank before finally achieving success. Really; does anything else make any better sense? Even stranger, it appeared to be in business despite the sad state of the economy, so they must really be on to something. However, there will be a definite problem with the next bank. Would that be the "1st 4th Bank"? Or could it be that there were just five 3rd Banks so it would be the "6th 3rd Bank"? Would that make it the "2nd Bank" since six thirds is really two? I think we must include Uncle Peter on this, S2. He will know, the tomato told me so.

Occasionally the Kingston side of me peeks out from inside and quivers and quakes. I haven't figured out if it is the reality that we are halfway through our trip or if I dread my time back in reality. I will never be the same, that is for sure, and I will never be able to go down the produce aisle without smiling all the way from my toes. (I am sooo glad that no one recognizes my truck!)

I think it is time to go to sleep. I'm not completely sure because my computer and GPS are still on Pacific time, the car is on Charlotte time, and the clock in the motel room is on a time in between the two. It would sure be nice if there were a big sign on the road at the time change. It could include a pull over spot so that we could change our watches, GPS, computer, timers, call the kids and let THEM know, ect (I know it is supposed to be etc, but I am in Nashville, and things are spelled different and I am trying hard to fit in.) So perhaps that turn out at the time change should be a lane, as folks with a lot of gadgets, and kids to call, may be there a spell. Whatever the clock says, my time here is over for now.


2Grandmas2 said...

Three ripe tomatoes for you!

nan said...

Great pics, 2 grandmas! Glad you have had such a wonderful trip!