Monday, September 29, 2008

A super kind of day

We are now in Lexington, KY, after a very long day of driving. We made a stop to visit Metropolis, IL. There really IS a Metropolis, and it has a Harrah's!! AND S2 has an incredible knack for leaving with more money than she entered with. We had free dinners last night and free breakfast this morning. We also had the free breakfast from the hotel, so we had more $$ for veggies. (I know you are reading this Naomi...) After breakfast we headed into town.

Look, up in the air!

Can it be?

I always knew my Mom was fibbing when she said it was Spinach that made us stronger!!

Sadly, our super veggie found that superman was indeed an actor. He took a spill that proved to be fatal. Like all actors he will be replaced immediately, so fear not, dear readers.

Once we got to the motel here in Lexington, the poopy hit the proverbial fan. Not only did they not have our reservations for the second night in a row, but the internet was non existent, AGAIN. After calling the desk guy and reading him the riot act about false advertising, he was informed that as travel writers we had deadlines. My dear superfriend (she's the one on the left)

clearly proved that she was super on the phone, but more "Clark-ish" physically. She simply wouldn't accept that an ethernet cord could do the job. Just because the receptacle for the cord was behind a 6' long chest of drawers with a huge, old and heavy TV atop, and the cord was 6' long (as well), the receptacle was at floor level, the dresser 3.5' high, so that would have one, well, there were actually 2 receptacles, so we could each perch atop the dresser that would likely be stuck halfway into the room, is no reason to dismiss the possibility, for heaven's sake. I left the room for a bit and found her on the phone with corporate when I returned. She unloaded both barrels as I stood in awe.

So, fancy that. Here we sit. Both computers, and operators, will be making the deadlines. The dresser sits squarely against the wall, TV intact, and the only cords attached to the laptops are the charging cords. If that ain't super I don't know what is. I guess one doesn't have to heft three suitcases, a backpack, seventy three bags of "stuff" and two cameras to prove her strength. THAT would be the job of the trusty sidekick, right?
Tomorrow we will be up early to head to Paint Lick, KY. From there it will be sightseeing with a true Kentucky gentleman. Pictures to follow....perhaps. As far as tomorrow night? Hopefully we will still have a room. That would be super, don't you think?

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gnome517 said...

LOL!! :)
I feel famous! But not as famous as a tomato, although it does sound a little like my maiden name!