Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Roadkill heaven

The tally is in. And the winner is, drum roll... Kentucky.There were those that we could recognize: possums, raccoons, foxes, and....yep, uh-huh, SKUNKS. S2 says is is all my fault because I had been talking to her as we were driving through North Carolina and foolishly mentioned that is has been years since I saw a dead skunk in the middle of the road, and that they really stink to high, high heaven. Sure enough, within minutes we saw the first one. Then I did it again...I mentioned that while we have seen a great number of the furry, stripey critters, none of them stunk. Sigh. Seems like it was less than an hour later that we were enveloped in the stench of skunk. If only I really DID have a skill as that. Imagine the possibility's! Anyway, there are also lots of vultures. We see them circling, so we know that something is up ahead, and it likely won't be pretty, and it ain't no tomato either.

Picture this: acres and acres of open pasture land. No bluegrass right now, but pasture, none the less. Miles of black fencing. A few farms had white, but for the most part it is black. Less maintenance, and I was told that horses cannot see white. When you are talking horses that are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, they likely don't want them hurting themselves if there is anything at all they can do. Not exactly the look that I had in my story books, but less obtrusive. The black blends into the landscape a bit better. Before we leave Lexington to head to Louisville we will go to the race horse museum that is just 15 miles up the road. I went last time I was here, and it is fantastic.

Funny just isn't in the keyboard tonight. I had a great day, but it wasn't funny. We relaxed and talked. We went to the Cracker Barrel for lunch. What a fun place. I did a bit of shopping for the grandkids and the new nephew. Mostly I relaxed with a good friend.

I miss Henry (my corgi) something awful. Playing with Molly really made me realize how badly I miss him.

2G is going to bed. It is 1am here, which is 10pm at home, 12pm in Western KY, 10 pm on the laptop and the GPS. My body can't figure out what the heck is going on. I am now feeling like I could just fall asleep midsen

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Brukewilliams said...

As you know by now, the Red Sox road woes continued this weekend as they dropped three straight to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Orange County (why couldn't they just keep 'California' Angels?). While I readily admit that Mike Scioscia (the Kevin Youkilis of managers in terms of whining) has a very good ballclub, these were winnable games and once again, the bullpen let us down. I'm talking to you Lopez and Delcarmen.
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