Sunday, September 28, 2008

A night of rest

Yes, indeedy, the travelers are weary and the tomatoes are a bit dicey; word is they have been hitting the sauce on the way out of Tennessee. We are in Paducah, Kentucky for the night and will be heading to the Lexington area...Painted Lick, to be exact. Our navigation Aussie, Lee, has really been a great addition. We are loving the car, now that we found the a/c, and it's 34 mpg average. We have been in 5 states now, when we really only thought it would be 3...hmmmm, it is truly a bit eerie to have this 5/3 thing popping up again. If it took 5 numbers to make 5 and 3 we would have to buy a lottery ticket as we would surely take the big jackpot. Perhaps those banker guys in TN could help us figure out how to make 5/3 into 5. (I would hate to have to call Uncle Peter again, as he probably is thinking we are beyond help.)

One the huge up side; today, 9/28, my big sister became a grandmother! A huge southern hug goes out to Corey and Megan and my new great nephew. It is wonderful to be able to share the wonders of being a grandparent with my sister. It is especially great to be in horse country for the big event. A great early birthday present to Dorothy. I now get to find baby gifts from my second favorite state in the nation. I really love it here. I look forward to seeing Ray again, but also kind of dread the emotions that will come to play. I'm glad to have the support of S2. She has been through it all with me. I am eager to share this piece with her as well.

Yep, there are times that we have to settle down a bit and deal with a bit of reality and the emotions that go with it. We visited some battlefields today. It was all so humbling. We were on sacred ground; blood drenched soil that saw a nation come together, and fall apart. Pictures of man's inhumanity to man. It was overwhelming.

So, my friends, we will gather together again tomorrow. Do not expect another serious blog however. This is the only one you will get from me. I can't speak for S2. (We must be up Early, Girl; it would be good to get a Sweet 100 miles in before lunch.) I love the southern drawl, and we both find ourselves slipping in and out of it ourselves. (Yes my dawlins, your momma can't wait to get home, give y'all some shuga, and embarrass the devil outa y'all. Be afraid, be VERY afraid.)


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