Sunday, September 27, 2009

When life sends you lemons...

Yesterday I had four hours of driving time so had a lot of time to ponder my predicament; that being the one that makes me far too sedentary.

I figured a way to use the treadmill on crutches! Yep, I did. I have to do a bit of fabricating so that I can make some cup type devices that I will attach to the edges (off the belt). Into those will go my crutch tips. Pretty cool idea, eh? It's amazing what four hours in a truck can get out of the darkest corners of my brain. Even when I get back on my feet I will still be able to get the upper body exercise; perhaps I will also be a bit less grouchy (and achy) when the next crutch time comes along...

However, no amount of drive time could have pulled this "redneck tube top" out of my brain. Who ever would have thought...


Truly frightening, what people will do just to avoid doing the wash, heh. Re: the treadmill. You are so creative, my dear! I'm looking for a treadmill, too. Even better would be an elliptical machine, but those are SO heavy and if you think a treadmill is pricey, well...

I blogged over on WetFootCrow btw. It was health related sorta, and I just didn't want to get into dueling diseases, lolol.


Darn! I was offered a Pro-Form elliptical and turned it down. Between the bike trainer and the treadmill I have enough exercise stuff in my little house. There are plenty out there; do your homework as to brands and options; perhaps a friend will move and not be able to fit one in the truck...;-) (Thanks again, Gretchen, but I would've rather had you stay)

Dueling diseases? No way. I am done even thinking about my owies. Too much to do...four day dog show in Boise coming up fast. (Glad the co-owner is coming.)


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Grandma L said...

You are a genius. My gosh, I cannot imagine how you do it.
As to the tank top. Where would one wear that thing to?
I don't have a clothes budget either, but I would never come up that that moronic thing, but I guess if you want to make a statement, that should do it.