Monday, September 7, 2009

The answer is


This moderated comment thing is making me a bit crazy because I wasn't sure how to get to them. I guess I assumed when I signed in I would be notified that there were some waiting. That would be true, but one must sign out and then re-sign in. sigh.

So, to the crazy person who has become a lake swimming maniac: yes. My goal is to keep using the pool well into winter. I put on a cd and try to stay in thru the whole thing, or until I turn blue and which time I will become gramma smurf. We could have gnome tea; I'll bring the cherry toms...if they are overripe we can shoot them at the ferry "panel." Reservations, my a**(you get the the idea).

To the real estate landlord: yes. People can be really crazy liars. I will never understand it, but I guess if one makes a good amount of money doing it, they may see no reason to change. Hang in there, and dump those rotten tomatoes the former renters left behind. I don't think you have to keep their food for thirty days.

To any one else who may have commented or thought about it: Yes.

(Today is one of those glass half filled days.)


Answer your phone once in a while, I need play by play! Also, how much am I gonna need for that down payment, do you think?

I need to be home to answer the phone, I guess. I'm just busy keeping busy. Sorry. Down payment? No idea. Neighbor on the other side is out of town for ten days so I don't even know if it is officially on the market, or what the price will be. I think down payment will depend on price...often more down will buy a lower percentage rate. The folks that got themselves into trouble are the ones who went in with minimal down and figured they could refinance at the point of balloon payment. A good mortgage person can give you your options; often they will pre-qualify for a certain amount. (That is what I did. It helped me figure out what price range I could look at.) "Jim" is still whining but hasn't even looked for another place. He is behind again; I'm now wondering if the place is really going to be on the market or if they just want him out. Knowwhatimean?

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Lori Thornbrue said...

One thing, send some rain our way :) This desert could use it!
Second thing.......brrrrr for swimming. You may literally turn into a Smurf. Just have a nice warm bath to follow up in.......Acutally, it should be the other way, "Sauna" first, then 'freeze'. That is rather fun. We did that in Finland! It was great.