Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Of tempers and tantrums

For lack of anything better to write about, I figured a snippet of my day will have to suffice.

Somewhere around noon, with the clock and calendar time totally dragging, I decided to just go out and drive a bit. Knowing that I wouldn't be long I decided that I would not try to catch and crate Kate. What can she do in an hour?

Let me tell you. She loves books. She eats books. She has a fondness for hardback books, but if she can't find one a paperback will do. She managed to pull a book down from the piano bench and feast on the cover. She then decided that a cardboard box that I had blocking her way to the wood box needed to be moved...and torn apart. Then the wood box. Oh the wondrous treats in the wood box!! The fire starter bricks were chewed up. I think they are just wax and sawdust, but am watching her closely. So far she seems to feel fine and has "produced." Then there was the dog bed. It no longer is as cushy as it was when I purchased it. A bag of green stuffing has been liberated. It appears there was quite the fluff party. Oh, not to forget the styrofoam packing that was in the box that was keeping her from the wood box. The cushion from my chair has had the zipper eaten out and pieces of the foam are still visible on the no longer clean carpet. There are a couple of amazing things about all this. One is that this all occurred in a very short amount of time. The other is that the spot where a friend's dog "marked" has not been re-marked (thank goodness for that!).

You can probably imagine the scene when I came in the door and was greeted by the destruction. I went ballistic. She hadn't a clue what I was upset about. In fact she thought it was pretty cool that I was scooting around on my behind cleaning the mess as best I could. I was down at her level and that meant playtime. For the first time ever I snagged her by the scruff and stuck her nose at the mess and shook her a bit. All the while bellowing "NO." She still had not a clue. The good news here is that Kate has forgiven me for my temper tantrum...yep, she is fine. She waited until I settled back in the bed and found her spot on the pillow above my head and gently licked my ear. "It's OK, Mom, I know things are rough for you right now, but I am here for you. I will always be here for you." sigh

Yesterday I was bored. I had a tape dispenser sitting next to me. I had two corgwyn at my feet. Danger. I couldn't resist. First it was the tape on the whiskers. Both quickly got the tape off. Then the tape on the foot. Henry immediately ripped his off and headed away. He parked himself about an arm's reach away. Not Kate. She took a look at the tape on her foot and decided I must have put it there for a reason and ignored it. Completely. What a strange little dog she is. I had to pull it off myself. Whiskers again? "OK. I guess I must need to have my whiskers taped." No reaction the second time. When I am home, she is the most mellow and quiet dog I have ever had. I would love to have a camera set on her when I drive away. Judging from the destruction she must begin her terror run as soon as I go down the driveway. Kate was never abandoned. I know the breeder. Our two homes are the only ones she has ever been to. Is this "separation anxiety?" I haven't a clue, but it has driven me to a bad place today. From now on she will be crated when I go anywhere...if I can figure out a way to get her into the crate while on crutches.

Oh please let this week finish quickly, and let me back into my leg so things can get back to my hyperactive normal. Tantrums are really not my style. I'm so glad Kate has forgiven me...yeah, right!!



Lori Thornbrue said...

Sounds every bit as messy as unwatched two year olds!! I am SO sorry you are on crutches, what a pain! I hope you will be 'pain free' when you get your leg back again. And, your little dog probably blogged about his crazy owner: "She was pushing my face into the surprises I made for her and saying 'No'. I think she really did like my creative artwork, but was feeling kind of grumpy for some unknown reason."
Lots of love.

Grandma L said...

Sounds like it's time for Cesar Malone. I think that is his name. Anyway the dog guy.