Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday's no post post

It was an incredibly frustrating day!

A couple of weeks ago I met up with friends following the re homing of a dog. Today the Corgi forums were ablaze with news that there is a missing Cardigan Corgi in my area. I felt that awful lump in my chest. Indeed, it was Kayla. It seems the gardener had accidentally let her out. She is micro chipped, but hasn't been re-registered, so the chip is still in the breeder's name. And, of course, the breeder and the co-owner are both heading for Richland, and the show that I was supposed to be en route to. Now, if I had the ability to walk, grrrrr, I would be out hunting for dear Kayla. The last I heard she was seen running on the highway and ditched into the woods. I so often read, or hear, of lawn maintenance people leaving a gate open. In this case it was a dog that I knew that has a new older lady owner. Both must be scared.

The appointment did not go well today. I am bummed at having another week out of the prosthesis and out of training. I asked about swimming and the doc nixed the idea. I got home and went out to the pasture for an hour or so. At least my upper body is getting a work out. sigh.

So, please say a little prayer for a small dog and her new owner.

Out for now.


**UPDATE** Yesterday, 9/29, Kayla was found trying to cross the Hood Canal Bridge. She is now safely back at home, thanks to a wonderful motorist who not only grabbed her before she got out on the bridge, but went to a pet store and saw her poster, getting her reunited with her very worried new Mom.

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